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Ron Paul Volunteer Activists Supplies Available

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Yard Signs and Slim Jims and Bumper Stickers and goodies for the Ron Paul Supporters have been made available for pick up.
Ernest & Donna Hancock's Home
4886 W Port Au Prince
Saturday Afternoon January 14th 2012 from Noon to 6pm we will be having meetings and distributing material.

See Meet-Up for details and to sign up

Ron Paul Yard Signs
We have available
175 of the Blue and/or White
150 Wire Stakes


100 Bumper Stickers

Ron Paul Slim Jims
For Activist Volunteers
We Have 400 of each of the following for distribution (Total 2500 - Variety)





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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Odis Ellis muses:

Cavuto ends the segment with, "76 year old dude treated like a rock star." My brain went click and the next big (maybe) Ron Paul sign came to mind: "Ron Paul — The Spirit of 76."


Comment by trevor
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Can we have some for Prescott?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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We'll have more "For Liberty" DVDs ready by Sat. afternoon - These cost us about 25 cents each to produce do think about making a donation please. If anyone needs them earlier please let us know via email Publisher --@--

Comment by Hugo Tellez
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I need more " For Liberty DVD's "