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Pima County is doing everything possible to stop this case from going forward

Written by Subject: Voting: Vote Fraud
For immediate release:    Monday, January 30, 2012


Contact:   John R Brakey, Phone 520 578 5678 Cell 520 339-2696


Defendant Pima County’s Attorney Ronna Fickbohm, files and gets “emergency hearing” based on false certification to request the court to stop deposition of Brad Nelson.


Plaintiff’s attorneys, Bill Risner and Ralph E. Ellinwood file Motion to Strike and Sanction Pima County for misleading the Court, filed:1.27.12:  


Monday, January 30, 2012 2:30pm
Judge Kyle Bryson’s Courtroom
Fifth Floor, Pima Superior Court: 110 W. Congress


Pima County is doing everything possible to stop this case from going forward including filing motion based on lies.  


The initial disclosure statement filed by Plaintiff on 1/12/12 is a great comprehensive statement of facts:


The case is as fundamental as it gets. What we’re seeking “prospective relief” so they cannot cheat in the future. Andrea Witte “the Connect the dots lady” has connected the dots into a 10-point quick summary of the fact pattern in this gripping saga of power and deceit. And we propose a remedy that is easy, inexpensive and doable. Link to Flyer:


AUDIT-AZ today will be running the pool camera and will provide to other interested parties in the traditional media film upon request.   If you can’t make it to court you can watch the proceeding on our AUDITAZ's Channel on YouTube the next morning:


Presently featured on AUDITAZ's Channel is the court hearing from 1/20/12.  


Since our saga began over five years ago, more and more people across America are becoming aware of the serious security flaws in computerized voting systems. They are systems designed to cheat, and they are everywhere. As the political scene heats up with the Presidential election, all eyes will be on Tucson as ground zero for exposing these flaws in open court and proposing reasonable checks and balances in the system. We must protect the purity of elections and public confidence in election results — a cornerstone of our democracy. That’s what this case is ultimately about.


BACKGROUND: AUDIT-AZ, the Pima County Libertarian Party and other interested citizens of multiple parties for years have been investigating election processes in Pima County. In previous actions, the Democratic Party took the lead in winning public records lawsuits and revealing the extent of the problems, including poor security practices on "designed to cheat" systems, election results that consistently did not add up, missing or falsified paper, and election officials and staff who continuously flout the law.