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Arizona 1 oz Gold, Silver and Copper Medallions available this weekend

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Arizona Mints Gold, Silver and Copper Medallions to
Celebrate 100 years as a State this Valentine's Day
February 14th 1912
I just got a call from retired Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson telling me that the 1 oz Medallions are in.
I called and talked to the lead man on the distribution and am waiting for more details. Jim Drake is the Assistant Secretary of State and will have the medallions available for sale at this weekend's Centennial Celebration at the Arizona State Capitol. The Secretary of State's office plans to have a 10' x 10' booth where they will make the 1oz medallions available.
The law states that the medallions must be produced in quantities to supply all public demand and cost no more than Cost + 10% (this is where they get funky).
They produced 1 Gold Coin - 250 Silver and 2000 Copper.
Jim Drake - Arizona Assistant Secretary of State...
The costs for the AHAC Centennial Medallions are as follows:
Copper      $5.00
Silver        $65.00
Gold         $3510.00 (This particular coin is this cost, because of the cost of gold at the time we had it minted.  Current orders will be likely be much less because of the recent decrease in the cost of bullion.)
There is a limit on purchase of coins, that are not prepaid.  Ten coins per family.  The order form will allow for unlimited purchase. 
Here is the legislation that allows for prepayment:

I hope that the State of Arizona will get a large "pre-Paid order" that will bring the cost down.... but then this is a 'government' thing.
This legislation was written by Powell Gammill, Ernest Hancock and Karen Johnson in January of 2007 in an effort to introduce precious metals to the people of Arizona.
Karen Johnson asked what could be done by a State Legislator to combat the destruction of the United States Dollar. This legislation was the result of that conversation with the Senator and her aide.
When we have a picture of the Medallion and more details we will share them. But I was asked not to buy all of the medallions so that they would have some for the events :)
More to come... this is just the beginning. We are very surprised that we got this far since the government has no idea what issues are at stake here. This was carefully maneuvered into existence with resistance from expected perches. The intended production of Gold, Silver and Copper to "supply all Public Demand" will be the test. More legislation may be needed.

More details to follow...

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Can't wait for mine !!! 

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I think Michelle Branch is playing a free show downtown at Arizona Best Fest, at 7:45pm.