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Murdering Khadar Adnan

Written by Subject: Israel - Palestine
Murdering Khader Adnan

by Stephen Lendman

Adnan's a political prisoner hunger striker against gross Israeli repression and injustice. Two previous articles discussed his case and grave health condition after 55 days without food.

Irish republican/British MP Bobby Sands lasted 66 before expiring at age 27. Global marches, strikes and riots followed his death.

In France, many towns and cities named streets after him. Iran renamed Winston Churchill Street Bobby Sands Street. New Jersey's legislature passed a resolution 34 - 29 honoring his "courage and commitment."

The night he died, the Grateful Dead held a Nassau Coliseum concert on his behalf. Guitarist Bob Weir dedicated his song "He's Gone" to him.

Instead of expressing remorse, Britain's Margaret Thatcher shamelessly vilified him. The Hindustan Times condemned her, calling it unprecedented "in a civilized country" to let a fellow MP die of starvation.

The New York Times contemptuously said:

"Britain's prime minister Thatcher is right in refusing to yield political status to Bobby Sands (but by appearing) unfeeling and unresponsive (she gave Sands) the crown of martyrdom."

In Adnan's own words: "My dignity is more precious than food." He's willing to die courageously defending it. West Bank, Gaza, and other protesters joined Adnan's strike supportively. Global tweets circulate on his behalf. Expect much more if he dies.

On February 8, Amnesty International said Israel uses "administrative detention to lock up Palestinian activists without charge, violating their rights to a fair trial." AI said "Israel must release or try Palestinian detainee on prolonged hunger strike."

After examining him on January 29 (his only medical contact since arrested), Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I) said:

"His clothes were dirty. His finger(nails) were not trimmed for a long time, and he started to lose his hair." Not having showed since arrested, "(h)is body odor was unpleasant, and (he) lost a third of his weight."

He's fading fast, "suffers from chest pains, and feels he has days, maybe hours, to live."

Hospitalized, he's shackled painfully to his bed. Prison guards monitor him constantly. Israel's administrative detention practice violates fundamental human rights. PHR-I demanded he be released.

Expect Israel callously to let him die. Rogue states show no mercy nor afford justice to victims. Condemning Adnan to death fits its degenerate pattern.

On February 8, human rights organization Al-Haq expressed solidarity with him, saying:

"Throughout his detention, (he) was subjected to degrading and inhuman treatment, including physical abuse, prolonged periods of interrogation, isolation and unsanitary conditions of detention."

His condition's now extremely grave. Yet prison authorities shamelessly called his health "acceptable." They found no grounds for shortening his detention or releasing him.

Al-Haq said Israel's administrative detention practice without charge "constitutes a serious breach of international humanitarian and human rights law." Permitted only under exceptional conditions, Israel uses it abusively against political and human rights activists to hold them indefinitely.

As a result, hundreds of Palestinians suffer abusively in Israeli prisons under horrendous conditions, including isolation and brutalizing torture.

Amid growing concerns for Adnan's health, the Palestinian Council of Human Rights Organizations (PCHRO) demanded Israel immediately release him so he'll get proper medical treatment.

PCHRO urged international community members to act on his behalf and abide by their legal obligation to do so. In light of the European Parliament's position on Palestinian prisoners, it asked MEPs to confront Israeli authorities and send a fact-finding mission to examine other arbitrarily detained Palestinians.

Global Media React

Major media rarely mention Palestinian prisoners, never truthfully with full disclosure. On February 8, BBC reported his "critical condition" without explaining Israel's appalling injustice.

Like US media scoundrels, BBC displays distorted, one-sided pro-Israeli bias and hostile Palestinian antipathy. Its inglorious tradition continues on all major world and national issues, especially those related to wealth, power, and imperial lawlessness.

On February 9, AP did no better. It spuriously called him a West Bank spokesman for "an Iranian-backed militant group that has killed dozens of Israelis in suicide bombings and other attacks...." In fact, he's a Palestinian activist/political prisoner willing to die expressing opposition to Israeli injustice.

A Final Comment

On February 9, Israel's Military Court will hold a special final appeal session bedside at Safad Hospital where Adnan's held, shackled to his bed, near death.

Moving him to court could hasten it. On February 8, the Palestinian Authority called for his immediate release. The Addameer prisoner support/human rights group expressed "its utmost concern" for his health and holds Israel responsible, adding:

Extreme weight loss left him "incredibly small and his clothes haven't been changed and he hasn't showered since being arrested. His nails haven't been cut and there were blotches on his face and teeth."

Samidoun, the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, said Tommy McKearney, a former Irish republican hunger striker sent Adnan a solidarity video message.

His wife Randa said he's targeted for "assassination," but his spirit's high and determination resolute to strike against Israel's "illegitimate and inhumane policies."

Along with global actions on his behalf, dozens of Ofer prisoners began hunger striking in solidarity. Adnan's a national hero headed for martyrdom for a just cause.

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