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What's a CMAS Alert anyway...

Written by Subject: Technology: Computer Hardware
Twitter is buzzing about a CMAS Alert (Commercial Mobile Alert System) that just went out on the Verizon wireless network.
I'm still not sure just how this alert system works but having the app on my own phone I can tell you that one new feature that may have giving the reason to test the system is the addition of new alert categorize:  Extreme alert, Severe Alert and Amber Alert.

Presidential-level alerts on the other hand have been mandatory since I first got the phone last October.
A search on twitter for #cmasalert will bring up what the interwebs are saying about the test alert sent to me and other verizon users today at 1:55pm MST
Did you get an alert from ? The government now has a direct line, to your pocket, to make you AFRAID! 

So, I guess I'm the only one threatened by this terroris... on Twitpic

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