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Feb 22nd, 2012 - Freedom's Phoenix will be streaming live throughout the day at the debate events

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Videos by 4409
4409 -- The 80 foot Ron Paul 2012 banner to be utilized this MONDAY!
Forty Four O Nine
   On Presidents day what could be better than expressing the first Amendment by helping to hold the 80 FT Ron Paul banner Monday Feb 20th at 3:30. We need your help. Minimum of atleast 14 people are needed to help.
The Ron Paul Campaign just confirmed that Dr. Paul will be attending (Yo!... Lame-Stream Media... the party's over here :)
Some Activist Videos of the Crew Putting on the 'Before/During&After Party' 
CHIPin for Jordan Page coming in from Indiana via Washington D.C. "Veterans for Ron Paul March"
Wednesday, February 22, 2012
 12:00pm until 11:30pm

New Life Bible Church

"Declare Your Independence" Radio Show LIVE From New Life Bible Church Parking Lot 7am-Midnight from the Mobile Studio "Nebakanezer" that will be 'Jacked in to the Matrix'  using a live DaCast Video Stream - Audio Stream from 7am-10am Arizona Time, Hourly Archive Updates AND LIVE FM TRANSMISSION on an FM Frequency to be announced.
Get Live up to the minute updates of events and activities as well as activist flash news and rumor control ( you know how bad guys are :)



Official Campaign Events (

9am Breakfast with Ron Paul (sold out)

http:// 02/11/ breakfast-with-ron-paul-mes a-az/

12PM Lunch with Ron Paul

http:// 02/15/ lunch-with-ron-paul-mesa-ar izona/
At about 1pm - Jordan Page will be playing outdoors by the Ron Paul booth at the Mesa Center for the Arts

Tentative Itinerary “For All day for Liberty And Ron Paul”

New Life Bible Church (location secured and confirmed)

200 E. 1st Street Mesa, AZ

12PM Doors open

Volunteers needed to help stage the Venue at the church and as well at the Official campaign booth outside the Mesa Arts center

2PM Ron Paul Videos begin playing

5PM Pre-debate Coverage starts

6PM Debate Starts, watch on the big screen

830PM (Post Debate approximately) 1st Band takes the stage

915PM 2nd Band takes the stage

1025PM 3rd Band takes the Stage
Ron Paul will attend the After Party after the debate

Massive efforts are being made to get Ron Paul to attend our event.

Food will be available for sale

Beer and Wine are being worked on for approval now

Bands are:

Captain Squeegee, Golden State, Jordan Page.

The venue is booked, the bands are confirmed. Scheduling may change in the near future but will likely be consistent with this itinerary.

This is a free to come to event however it was not free to set up if you can donate I would appreciate it greatly; Cash donations will be accepted at the Door .
 (Shhhhh.... Thursday the 23rd Jordan Page will be "plugged in" at a private party for all of the activists that helped make this week a success. We'll also be featuring clips and youtubes of the coverage of the events. Details at the Weds. Night After Party)

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Comment by Anonymous
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Comment by Connie Mann
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Tommy Jordan I'm NOT running for President, have no intention of running for President, and would probably make a crappy president because.. nevermind why. That'd just open another can of worms! lol But hey... that Ron Paul dude.. he's got my vote. I like his politics and I think he's got the best head on his shoulders I've seen in a politician in my lifetime. Agree/disagree.. doesn't matter. I just thought I'd put my vote behind him. (Now I'll be accused of political campaigning too. lol.) 

Comment by Ducatijeanne
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 This sounds fantastic.  I can tell lots of excellent planning went into this and we can easily walk just south of  "headquarters" and do sign waving,etc. on a busy street close to the "event". 

Great thanks to all for the hard work planning and arranging and setting this up for us.

Hey Ho!  Let's go!