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Q: Can Just 3% of America Organize to Reclaim Our Constitution? - Live Webinar TONIGHT! Feb. 20

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Give us an hour to learn about the NON-political plan to permanently organize We The People across America to hold government accountable and restore the Constitution. Tell a friend.  See our new organizing Tools and the Plan.
The WTP organization is attempting to give birth to 50 separate state controlled, locally funded and managed Constitution Lobbies. 

These state-based organizations enable concerned and committed citizens to come together, en masse, pool their limited resources and energies and fight government abuse in a well-managed, well-coordinated and well-funded manner.

Will Liberty survive?
Will your state be the next?

Learn more about the Constitution Lobby project and REGISTER for the Webinar at this link or just below:

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Too late, Webinar. The Sovereign Citizen Movement has just been declared as a "terrorist" organization. You and your sovereign citizen colleagues might be picked up the FBI. You either go underground or flee to the hills -- your only options left.