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We are launching the Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC today!

Written by Jun Dam Subject: Activism
Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC

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Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC

Greetings R3volutionaries!

We are launching the Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC today! 

The Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC is primarily the fundraising vehicle for the grassroots network at  Our first project can help Ron Paul secure a WIN in the state of Washington on March 3rd.  Ron Paul’s first win of the election may help him gain a critical mass of support going into Super Tuesday, March 6th and eventually lead to the Republican nomination!

Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC is an organization built to help the liberty movement beyond the Ron Paul campaign and help liberty candidates all across the nation.  The primary focus of our organization will be boots-on-the-ground outreach activities that include: voter outreach strategy, door-to-door, phonebanking, stump speeches, and get-out-the-vote (GOTV).  100% of the focus for the Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC will be to help Ron Paul for the duration of his current presidential campaign bid.

Advisory Board
John Dennis

Jun Dam

Valerie Lasam

Why winning one state may be the KEY to winning the election…

Yes, the delegate strategy is important.  We Ron Paul supporters know that having delegates is ultimately what matters in this primary election and we are doing extremely well on that front.  We will most likely get a majority, if not all of the delegates in Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota, and Maine where Ron Paul placed in the top 3 of the popular vote.  We may even get a majority of delegates in Colorado and Missouri where Ron Paul received a meager 12% of the vote.  However 99% of the mainstream media is ignoring the delegate strategy.  Delegates in the primary states and some caucus states depend on the public sentiment and will be bound by the popular vote results. Hence we need to also win the popular vote in strategic states to give us an opportunity to win many more delegates.  Furthermore, many still question Ron Paul’s electability precisely because he has not won a single state.  We can erase all doubt by not only winning, but winning BIG.  A win may create a critical mass of support that can carry him to win the Republican nomination, especially in this wide open contest! 

Why Washington?

Ron Paul has probably the best chance of winning Washington and probably a much better chance than in any of the previous states.  Only 12,320 out of 6.8 million people voted in the GOP caucus in Washington in 2008.  Ron Paul placed 3rd with 21.4% in 2008 with about 2,700 votes, narrowly behind Huckabee with about 2,900 votes and McCain with about 3,200. Washington is also an open caucus where any registered voter can participate just by pledging that they “consider themselves Republican” and will not participate in another party’s nominating caucus.  Washington comes after two states that Ron Paul will have difficulty in: Arizona and Michigan.  However, Washington is strategically placed as the last state before Super Tuesday on March 6th when the states of Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and Ohio vote. A Ron Paul win will give him a big boost in all the Super Tuesday states that follow Washington and may help Ron Paul achieve the attention and critical mass to surge in the second half of the election.

Operation Win the Vote in Washington

We need funds as soon as possible to make sure we win Washington.  The caucus is less than two weeks away!  Almost all the money we raise will go to purchase contact phone numbers of identified Ron Paul supporters at an estimated $1.60/per contact.  These contacts are being sold to us at-cost.  The rest of the money will most likely be used to increase turnout for GOTV in the way of raffle prizes for caucus attendees.  All the money we raise will go to winning Washington.

We want to identify as many Ron Paul supporters as possible.  We would like to raise $5,000 dollars by this Saturday to get roughly 3,125 leads and roughly 625 more votes for Ron Paul (assuming a conservative 20% turnout).  We would like to continue to raise as much money as we can.  Just think.  $50,000 can result in 6,250 extra votes that will allow Ron Paul to dominate and possible get well over 50% of the entire vote in Washington!

We also need as many volunteers as possible to make phone calls.  We will begin our call program this weekend.

Please donate and sign up to make phone calls today! Track Record:

Ames Iowa Straw Poll
After the launch of in late May of 2011, our grassroots network obtained roughly 1,500 commitments (inc. groups) to the Ames Straw Poll using a grassroots phone-from-home system in conjunction with a unique voter ID system.  (Paul earned a virtual tie with 4,671 votes vs. Bachmann’s 4,823)

Georgia & California Straw Poll
We later helped propel Ron Paul to a close 2nd place finish (from a projected 4th) in the Georgia GOP straw poll and helped Ron Paul win the California GOP straw poll by a landslide.

We identified over 600 voters in Iowa willing to be speakers and backup speakers for Ron Paul at the Iowa caucuses.

Operation Stump for Paul Youtube Video Speech Contest – We created a youtube video speech contest that had over 80 contestants and provided a great resource for precinct captains in Iowa to help improve their speeches for the caucuses.   The judges of the contest were John Dennis, Tom Woods, and Adam Kokesh.  Alexa for Ron Paul was our contest promoter.

Operation Stump for Paul in Iowa – We organized well over 50 volunteers mainly from Illinois, but also from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, California and many other states.  Many out-of-state volunteers delivered speeches in Iowa that lead to precinct victories for Ron Paul.  Other out-of-state volunteers spoke at the caucuses that helped gain votes for Ron Paul despite 2nd or 3rd place finishes.  Many others were able to make positive impressions to caucus voters merely by greeting them, passing out literature, and sign-waving.  Lastly volunteers obtained more delegates for Ron Paul.
(We are still waiting to conduct a more complete analysis of our Iowa Caucus efforts.)

We organized with a local Northern California group for a canvassing weekend and caucus day outreach effort in Northern Nevada.  In the caucus locations in Northern Nevada where we reached out to greet voters, pass out literature, and sign wave, we gained 3-5% more votes than those locations in the county we did not. The caucus locations we covered drew over 10% of the voters in the entire state of Nevada.  We were active in the top four highest vote-getting caucus locations where Ron Paul got 28.2%, 27.5%, 26.2%, 20.1% of the vote in Washoe County for Ron Paul!

We organized with the local Maine group and other grassroots activists for phonebanking and GOTV to help Ron Paul get 163 votes out of 304 votes in Washington County,  Maine in 2012 compared to 8 votes out of 113 back in 2008.  Ron Paul was able to net 83 votes in Washington County and close in on Romney for 1st place.