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Are you one of the 3% who will organize & reclaim our Constitution? Live Webinar TONIGHT! Feb. 28

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Give us an hour to learn about the NON-political plan to permanently organize We The People across America to hold government accountable and restore the Constitution. Tell a friend.  See our new organizing Tools and the Plan.
The WTP organization is attempting to give birth to 50 separate state controlled, locally funded and managed Constitution Lobbies. 

These state-based organizations enable concerned and committed citizens to come together, organize en masse, pool their limited resources and energies and fight government abuse in a well-managed, well-coordinated and well-funded manner -- striking directly at the heart of abusive governments.

Will Liberty survive?
Will your state be the next?

Learn more about the Constitution Lobby project and REGISTER for the Webinar at this link or just below:

TUES. Feb. 28, 7 pm Eastern

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