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Video Documentary Ron Paul Billboards

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I am heading out of town to do a video documentary on the 3 Ron Paul Billboards that have been put up in and around Arizona. 

The First one that we will be visiting the 8x28 on the side of Terrys Barn in Cottonwood Arizona That was put up by Morpheus, 4409 and Tesla This is the first known Ron Paul 2012 Billboard.  The second is between Baker and Barsow California, At the Truck stop on Afton Rd and I -15 This one measures 28 x 32 That was designed By Morpheus, and the project was entirely funded By Ernie Hancock (Frodo) including 40 foot lift and all the materials to put up 2 gigantic signs including 2 semi tractor that were designed by 4409. There was a small company of people that participated in this one and I will do my best to include everyone that was involved however if I miss you my apologies. Telsa, Brock Sherri, Tao, 4409, and a few others. hey it was 5 years ago.  It is my understanding that the billboard has deteriated and the top row is missing so you can figure what that says.

From there we are going to be heading to the 3rd billboard that was recently erected with Ron Paul in 9 foot letters that is I-40 and Sanders Arizona near the New Mexico Boarder.  This Billboard has been operating as a 9/11 truth billboard for 2+ years and I was able to swing a deal to put Ron Paul on that location until there is another party that wants to use it. 

That Ron Paul Billboard was put up by Morpheus, Psychic Taxi, John Penrose and Oyote of prescott and was funded by generous donation from hard core activists in the phoenix area by putting their money where their mouth is.  I wont mention any names however know who you are.

On the last leg of the trip will be with a interview of the strongest Statesman we have in the state of Arizona, my friend Karen Johnson. To call her a politician would be insult to those who would fought bravely for our countries freedom in the revolutionary war.  Was Thomas Jefferson a politician?  George Washington?  To Equate any of them as politicians as the same crew in washington is a criminal act.  Karen Johnson, who bravely on the floor of the Arizona state Senate made a 20 min presentation on the inconsistencies of 9/11, where I observed traitor senators deposit this unquestionable evidence in the garbage pail!

The point of this documentary is to ask people out there in the world what are you doing for Ron Paul?  Here we are in Arizona and we have put up 3 gigantic billboards for Ron Paul What are you doing?  Ron Paul is going to win the only way the elietist are going to allow it to happen is with the election being overwhelming.  I mean if these guys would bring down the world trade centers and LIE THRU THEIR TEETH ABOUT IT, do you believe that they wouldnt change some numberrs on a peice of paper call "VOTING"  Come on.

The purpose of the documentary is to inspire people to get out there and press hard for Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a 76 year old great grand father who has WON 14 times his seat and 3 times against incumbents.  He has been in Training for this moment for all of his life and Ron Needs OUR HELP NOW!  We have to put billboards like these ball over the country and Eff the Main Stream media. 

 Part of the project is to go to Las Vegas and street peddle pocket constitutions to the people on strip to help fund the journey.

In the meanwhile I have recieved generous donations to fund this project however its a long trip and I kinda would like to have some food and a place to stay would be great.  I have some of the araingements made however when you know me alot is up in the air.  The Funny thing is Money solves many issues so I am going to go to the well and ask that any donation you can make would be appreciated and you know I have a history of getting jobs done.  I could us a few more supplies like a nice still camera and I would like to have a camera operator.

The Camera operator can be anyone that is cool and rides well.  Let me know your schedule however I am getting ready to leave very soon

Ron Paul Billboard Video Documentary

So I ask you to give me a call at 602-434-1725 call me Morpheus

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