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March 29, 2012 -- Happy 51st Birthday to Ernest Hancock, Publisher of Freedom's Phoenix!

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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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It is still Thursday, Happy Birthday, Ernie.  So, you launch a brilliant, generous, in their face dime card bomb in honor of your birthday? And on/for the Daily Paul no less!

"I aim to misbehave" is the statement and you probably remember where it comes from.  

uh, huh. 

Comment by David McElroy
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 Happy Birthday, you lucky bastard! Many happy returns, if the planet isn't destroyed first. God bless the Hancock family.

Comment by Justin Tyme
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Happy Birthday, Ernie.

Here's hoping you have many more!

Comment by Bernard Earlington
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I woke up late and I lost the race in greeting you first a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Too much school paperworks. But I join the rest in wishing a Happy Birthday to the founder of -- a great guy!

Comment by Ana Panot
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Hey ..! I didn't know today is your Birthday! I am not a dragon fire today ...instead, I blow you a kiss. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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 BIRTHDAY GREETINGS from Phantom75! You are about two decades and a half behind what I have -- but you are already great if not greater than I am! Time for you and your Lady to celebrate! I wish you good health, and may you realize your aspirations in life at the end of the rainbow! Cheers!

Comment by Venancio Tan
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 HAPPY B-DAY! May the Light always shines on you!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Again?!  It seems like only a year ago we were celebrating your 50th. ;-)

Happy Birthday...hope the SPLC sent you a card to go along with that present they gave FP a month ago.

Comment by Christopher Cellone
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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here's wishing you many, many more to come! JV

Comment by Robert Lee
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 Have a Great day Donna.

Comment by Jean Carbonneau
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Happy Birthday Ernie!!  May you live until the bastards are finally gone!! 

Comment by Uh No
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Uh...I never want to hear anything about how old I am ever again. Ever.

 Happy birthday!


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