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Dime Card Production Party - TODAY, @ the Hancocks, 2PM until ....

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 2PM until whenever The Hancock Farm 4886 W Port Au Prince Ln, Glendale, AZ 85306

Please go to the meetup to R.S.V.P.

Making 5,700 Daily Paul Silver Dime cards!!!!  A huge success.  In fact they will be printing a unique second batch as the demand is over 6,000 and climbing as I write this.  It supports a project that supports Dr. Paul's messages. 

This has to be troubling to those who ruin paper by putting ink on it and claim it has value.  Once a person has a dime card or two I cannot tell you how addicting it is to start converting federal reserve notes into real value.  Sadly, we can't save everyone, but you can help save the ones who believe as you do that you are owned by you and no one else. 

The r3VOLution continues Wednesday at the Hancock's one dime at a time.  Multiple laminators will be available.  Come and have some fun spreading the message of real money, constitutional money and what real money used to be like.

Bring yourself, your friends, your drinks, your guns, your cameras, whatever....


I ran across this photo and wanted to post it.  It is an old picture.  Note one card indicates you can buy a gallon of gas with two of these dimes.  A silver dime is worth roughly $2.33 in silver as I write this and gas is around $4 a gallon.  So while gas has increased in price, it is still roughly two dimes value of real money.  When I was a kid gasoline sold for around 25 cents a gallon.   Times haven't changed---FRN "money" has.  Of course massive government restrictions, regulations and subsidies have added to the "costs" of gasoline.  Otherwise a single dime would cover it. 

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Comment by Matthew Fidler
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Man, I wish I lived in AZ! I'd be all for helping out. I ordered 3 of these things and think you guys are promoting a worthy cause. Keep up the good work gents! 

Comment by Christopher Campbell
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 Work monster lifts heavy stuff, work monster has man hands, work monster helps good, most of monster likes beer.



Comment by Ernest Hancock
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FYI - This is a WORK Party. Attention to detail and the highest standards are expected if you intend to participate. We now have 4 large laminators and the material is scheduled to be picked up mid-day Wednesday April 4th 2012. I will have everything ready and we'll need help with shipping at the same time. We may barely cover our costs so this is a labor of love in support of Daily Paul and their efforts... they deserve it.


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