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France has their own r3VOLution... And We're Helping

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
French Silver Coin Cards to be added to Silver Calculator.
"The Answer to One World Government is...
Worldwide LOV3olution"

(From Drew Phillips)
I have been talking with Gilles our french libertarian friend, his English is not to bad, with the help of his buddy who speaks perfect English Ill find a time to get him on the show, he is a week away from having his own dime cards, so Ill post when he send some pics.
BTW, he and his french libertarian friends are doing a bit of R3volution campaigning, no not Ron Paul, but Frédéric Bastiat 2012!

scroll down to the bottom for the pic, WORLD WIDE LOV3OLUTION

(Email exchange between Ross and Gilles)

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your answer. So I will make attention for equal thickness with the dime. Yeah FREEDOM all over the world and SOUND MONEY !! I decided to use the european standard business card format. Don't worry I don't want to go on the US market. You're always the Boss Ross :-)
For information I send you my first design.


Hi Gilles, I'm Ross, the main guy who makes the cards. First thing to say: GREAT IDEA!! We talked about your project and we had an "ah-ha!" moment. Across the globe!

I'm headed out the door now, but I'll get you the sizes for the cards. You start with and order 500 "credit card 7 mils" laminating pouches for dirt cheap, then it tells you the sealing setback which leaves you with paper size of 3-1/8" x 1-7/8" (of course we experimented and came up with slightly more/less and use a 1/4" rounded corner.) We can get more detailed later!

When we use Kinko's, we have them print the front sheet of 12 cards, then a standard back sheet. 80lb card stock. That gives you 2 sheets which equal the thickness of the dime, so that your plastic doesn't stress and bubble around the dime (we're high class now!)
(Publisher's note - We have gone to version 3.0 where we now use a very heavy 165# paper & our next printing (version 4.0) is full color with a precision Die Cutting process)

Please email me at for all future questions!


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