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4409 -- Stick figure slap downs (SYRIA)

Written by Subject: New World Order

Mr. Stick slaps down a cable news watcher

Stick firgure dialog

1. Cable News Watcher: Look here...Syria needs to be dealt with.

2. Mr. Stick: What do you mean dealt with? It what way and why!

3. Cable News Watcher: The Syrian government is killing innocent civilians over there.

4. Mr. Stick: Where did you hear this.

5. Cable News Watcher: I seen it on Fox News and MSNBC

6. Mr. Stick: Watching those comedy shows called cable news is your first problem and explains most of your psychotic Statist thinking.

7. Mr. Stick: Did you ever stop to think that maybe outside forces and nation states were arming terrorist death squads in Syria, in order to overthrow their President? Forces like, International bankers or the C I A.

8. Cable News Watcher: Hogwash. That's not what is happening there. The President of seria just loves killing innocent people.

9. Mr. Stick: Why all the sudden...after all these years does he love killing innocent civilians...or was that anger just being bottled up for years and now its coming out? or better yet maybe the Syrian army did not have rifles or tanks back then.

10. Cable News Watcher: I was told the Syrian President is a brutal dictator. Like 10,000 people have died, just this year.

11. Mr. Stick: Wow, 10000....low estimates claim about a half a million if not more died in Iraq..but not a word from you back then! In fact you probably encouraged it, thinking your were spreading freedom when really you were spreading one world government globalism.

12. Cable News Watcher: Are you supporting the Syrian President or something?

13. Mr. Stick: In no way am I supporting him.... but I also don't support people like you condoning the use of taxpayer money to fund weapons to terrorists to overthrow a government 6000 miles away!

14. Mr. Stick: Let me ask you this!..... Why do you all the sudden give a shit about what happens in Syria?Ask yourself why the hell the media cares so much about that country..... There are atrocities all over the world.

15. Mr. Stick: Hell, they behead people in the streets in Saudi Arabia..but for some reason the media and this government is fixated on Syria and Iran. Trust me...This is NOT a coincidence

16. Mr. Stick: Did you ever think that these constant stories are being fed to the main stream media in order to mold your opinion and De-humanize a people to benefit the folks who will profit from us intervening?

17. You just hate America.

18. Mr. Stick: I don't hate America, I just dislike people in our government like Hillary clinnton and John Mccain who make statements about funding quote the "rebels"..Which is just an Orwellian term for terrorists!

19. Cable News Watcher: People like you scare me. You hate America. If you don't like America then get out.

20. Mr. Stick: So..if your brother was committing crimes and you called him out on you hate your brother? or are you just pointing out the fact that he is a fu%king criminal?


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Comment by Alexander Victorio
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 How does 4409 always create such great videos. This was hilarious!

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