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Devil Went to Las Vegas Nevada to promote Ron Paul

Written by Subject: Activism
Morpheus Heads to Las Vegas Nevada to get in the streets with the people to let them know Ron Paul is still going strong. In Front of the MGM Grand we encounter the Devil on the Streets of vegas and He is for Ron Paul and the R3volution!
I dont have the time to edit more video so if you have the time to edit the 30+ gig of video I have for this video text me 602-434-1725 with your email Address and I will grant you access to the video to edit.  All I ask for is you put my website on the top of your video.  I am planing to be up in Las Vegas Nevada the weekend of April 27-29 to head there again this time with a whole bunch of supporters and just destroy it.  Check out meetup for more details or copy and post to your meetup site and lets have a few hundred people there with signs, videos and pocket constitutions.
This is a golden opportunity to help Ron Paul Generate the kind of respect he deserves.  Come on now People, Ron Paul is 76 years old Great-Grand Father and should be playing with his Great Grand children on the beach.  He is taking the leadership role as the next PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY!  Being Ron Paul is putting himself in the JFK Hot seat, we owe it to Ron to Everything we possibly can to get him in the debate.  We know the elitests are going to do everything they can to squelch Ron Paul out.  That's not going to happen on my watch!
We are in the last laps of the race, and now is the time to drop the Hammer.  I tell you what if this was the dayton 500 and Dale Earnhardt was in the back, would you bet against him?  Well Dale likes to Win and So does Ron Paul.  We have to get the Ron Paul Car driven by Dale Earnhardt into the pits to do a quick tire change and pull the restrictor plate of the car.  The Restrictor plate is the MSM.  We have the secret weapon... Ron Paul Supporters. 
Get out into the street with your Ron Paul gear on and talk to the people.  this is the most effective form of advertising.  Let the people know they are being lied to.  That is what I will be doig from here to the election Day.
Ron Paul is like Dale Earnhardt BECAUSE he likes to WIN.  Would Dale Earnhardt Stand on the Gas at the end of the race?  Yes He would!  Would he bump would he grind? you becha.  Well Ron Pauls hands are tied and we the supporters have to give him the boost.  Where do you have unlimited people coming in from all over the country and the world?  Las Vegas Baby!  I am planning on putting up more billboards and peddling consititutions like a mad man BABY!  He has WON 14 times and 2 times vs incumbents.  Incumbents win 95% of the time and Ron Paul has beaten incumbents on 2 seperate occasions

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