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$2.5 Million for Ron Paul Money Bomb today or campaign is OVER?

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Comment by Eric Nilsson
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This money-bomb has already exceeded an amazing $1 Million Dollars, and is being extended through at least tomorrow. This is huge for Ron Paul's campaign - and has the delegate tallies are finally coming in from the Caucus States, the news is only getting better!

Comment by Ana Panot
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What is the money bomb for? Nomination? Not a chance. To pocket? As sure as the sun going down in the West.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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 What the heck happened to the April 15th $2.5 million money bomb? It went puff …fff..ff? I knew it was a dud … a damp squid tactic for those Ron Paul money-making organizers’ last chance to pocket donated campaign fund. A lot of them are members of the young tattooed weed and LSP  generation wearing a mask, both literally and contrived. Ron Paul is rapidly dying in the GOP VP nomination race! I was surprise he survived Santorum.


The title of this propaganda [advertisement] material to make money is similar to the last declaration of a dying man. As of today, Ron Paul is considered resigned or politically dead. It is inevitable. The public is just waiting for his memorized “speech” announcing his resignation, which has been purposely delayed with the hope of pocketing more donated campaign money before it is all over!.





Comment by Powell Gammill
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Well, I guess his campaign is over.  Little advice: If you are going to have an April 15th Money Bomb, a little prior publicity helps as does a Tax Day tie-in.

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