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Ron Paul Heavy Weight Champion Round 2

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Ron Paul Heavy Weight Champion Round 2

Here we go --- vertigo, Video vertigo, Test for echo, Here we go --- in slo-mo Video vertigo Test for echo.  Rush - Test for Echo. The live album is the best version is on the Different Stages Live -2.

So begins this article that I am writing for Ernie Hancock, the Father of the r3VOLution.  That is another story I will be happy to relate it to you another time.  I don’t have much time seems like I am in the movie “The Matrix”, as when Morpheus says : "Time is always against us. Please, take a seat there.".  Wait a second I am in a movie and I am Morpheus!  @:58

In Round 1 I went up to Las Vegas my hovercraft, she needed new shoes and it doesn’t travel without gas.  Well brave patriots stood the hell up and made donations for me to get me and my traveling partner, St. Michael, there and have some food and a place to stay.  You know who you are.  As you well know being on the road is EXPENSIVE.  The odo on the hovercraft doesn’t work so I did a google map of the large jaunts we did without any consideration for short trips.  Google says it’s 1286 miles but who’s counting? Figure that at $4.00 bucks per gallon.

While we were there in beautiful Las Vegas we were doing activism which generally doesn’t pay much although I have 500 pocket constitutions and I street peddle them sometimes as much as $20. I did get 3-$20 dollar contributions. I got several for $5 and many 2’s and 1’s.  Hey I am whore, so I take them all.  I have tons of video to edit.  You want to check it out in raw form send me a text 602-434-1725 and I will get it to you. All I ask is you give me credits with my website at the top

The reason I chose this site name was simple.  Ron Paul is so good you can go to the bank with Ron.  I have made it part of what I do with activism.  I do the deal for Ron Paul wherever I go.  I sell people that Ron Paul R3VOLution is how we as humans start to a peaceful state.  Once we are there is more work to create a Thriving, Creative and Ethical society, that’s another conversation too.  Anyone who knows me you can always tell where I am, as I am street peddling something like V-masks (thanks Sharlene) across the country.   I know that with Ron Paul in the White House, individuals in this country and around the world will be living better.  The shock waves would echo in infinity at least on this planet and maybe more.

"William Wallace: There's a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it.

I have come to the clear conviction, unless Ron Paul wins or at least makes it to the general election there are people that might not be around much longer.  I feel like I am on that list.  Let’s face it folks we have done concentration camps in this country before.  It was called” Internment” for the Japanese at the time of World War 2.  Isn’t it interesting how the government comes up with new words to describe the criminal actions that they do, so the slaves with be less displeased with them.   Words like “Seize” means STEAL, “Arrest” means to ASSAULT someone. “Taxes” means Extortion.  My Favorite is “Money” which means piece of paper, that you can wipe your ass with!

I have actually been to presentation by people who have experienced this behavior of tyrannical governments LIKE the Corporation known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (in all caps). The Corporation does NOT like people like Me, Tesla, Adam Kokesh, Frodo, Stewart Rhodes, Gary Franchi, Hal Epperson, Tim Turner, Allan MasonCronus , Tommy Cryer , Bob Schultz and a whole host of others.  All they need to round the malcontents is another terrorist act. Anyone who believes that 9/11 was not done by controlled demolitions I would love to talk with you.  That’s my number you can call me.  Mike Shoen once put up $10,000 for people to write him a affidavit saying they still believe the official story after watching 3 DVD’s and reading a paper to my knowledge no one has ever taken him up on the offer.

What I would like to do is go around the country putting up billboards and selling pocket constitutions like many have seen me do. I believe with all my heart that Ron Paul is going to win.  I KNOW because Ron Paul likes to win, he has won on 14 times and he is still in the ring.  Mitt Romney is NOT in the ring.  He has only won ONE time that was when he was the governor of Massachusetts. Rick Santorum has been knocked unconscious.   He just suspended his campaign what a Jack-off.  So now we have this guy Gingrich, with even lower support and Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  They are keeping Gingrich in because they KNOW Mitt Romney is NOT ELECTABLE.  This is very easy to see as people are not Ready for a Mormon President especially one who is a RINO!  So that Leaves Gingrich and Paul.

Ron Paul is going to go all the way.  I don’t like to telegraph, what I believe his intentions are; however I am telling people personally, so it’s not actually a big secret.  This means that Romney does NOT get the nomination it’s down to Gingrich and Paul.  Gingrich is not in the ring, he has been pandering like his probable protégé Ben Quayle.  This leaves the Republican establishment in a quandary… Ron Paul who can actually beat the usurper Barack Obama or Political insider Newt the Grinch!  Well Sorrento, is the legitimate president of the Corporation just not of the De Jure Government, see the Billy Foust video above.  Billy Foust by the way was Murdered in cold blood by one of the pirates in blue, Shawn Willson of Page.   The Good thing is I know Billy is still here with us, I invite him to be with me wherever I go.  I will see you again my Friend.

What does this all boil down to you for?  You want Ron Paul to WIN we will give him the boost.  I am willing to take time out of my life to spread the word for Ron Paul. I invite you to come to Las Vegas Nevada April 20-22 2012 on the strip. Call me 602-434-1725 to see where I am at.  Bring your Ron Paul gear.  I know the time is short, however this is our story too.  Join the meetup and hit the streets of Vegas with Me St. Michael, Laurie, Captain Kirk, Brock and anyone else that wants to hang out and shift this election. It’s not over and FAT LADY hasn’t sung yet!

You want to help and you are unable to make it send me a paypal to or send you money to

Ron Paul Project

1146 North Mesa Drive suite 102-159

Mesa Arizona 85201

This way we can rebuild the billboard on the side of I-15 and afton Rd as its falling down.  I would like to take this opportunity to rebuild it and double the size of it to 90x32 its 28 feet wide right now and tripling the size would be about $10k  Don’t have 10k? I have a track history of getting projects done.  Sometimes unorthodox, but hey that’s how I roll.  You know when you hang with me you are going to have FUN.  I will take your change, your dollars and your silver.  We can make it happen I just don’t have the resources to do it all by myself.  I guarantee when Ron Wins there will be prosperity to share.  Aren’t your loved ones worth it.  Let them not say we did nothing.


Albert Einstein “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

The problem with the Ron Paul Campaign is they are spending money with the Main stream media.  The Main Stream Media is screwing Ron Paul.  That is why this needs to be done.  The elitists cannot win in a man to man war.  We SURROUND THEM!  All they have is technology to defeat us.  Before they had technology they had the kings and before that was the Church.  Not that I am not spiritual see the 21st pslam however I do know that Organized Religion is what has been used throughout the centuries to keep people in line.   Grab your Ron Paul gear and get into the streets and lets have a pocket constitution bomb. You can get the pocket constitutions with the Ron Paul Flap from me just give me a call.

While we are talking about Money you know that stuff you have to work for and the elitists get to print or create out of nothing.  I have an EMMY award winning producer that wants to work on the project. I mean he puts his pants on the same way I do but he has a Freaking Emmy!  That means he knows the ins and outs of actually getting a Show on the TELEVISION.  He costs MONEY.  His name is Allan Mason one of the strongest supporters of Ron Paul.  By the way you can see the video he did on his site BNN Reports on the subject of Money with Lew Rockwell. You don’t get that level of talent for FREE.  So I know I am asking and going to the well again but this can be done.  Lets get the people and the money together and …we win!

Here are some of the videos Morpheus has  done on the trip there is more to edit

So get out there and Rock and Roll the BONES… get busy


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