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4409 -- (WOW) Cop thwarts Al-Qaeda attack at Middle School Dance

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How do you create more job opportunities for yourself and limit the competition?

Well, If you're the socialist cop unions you just label the legislature as anti-cop until they enact laws that force places like schools to hire you and fire private security companies.

Private security work is slowly going away and replaced with publicly funded police at nearly 4 times the rate. The problem with the police is that they more expensive, often overly aggressive and paranoid and very hard to hold accountable. Suing a private security company is easy, suing the police is difficult. Not impossible but difficult and then the funds comes from the tax-payers.

I guess I can understand why the police would do it but don't then run around pretending to be conservative when you have some if the biggest unions in the country bullying people around to increase your pensons and pay.  

The legislature has also been passing laws that force construction companies to hire moonlighting cops if they get a contract with any government agency within the state. Well, that increases the price of the bid and charges it off to the tax-payers.

We were dropping off a friends son at a middle school dance and low and behold a cop was there. Not only that... the kids had to take off their shoes and go through a scanner to get into the dance.

Schools are starting to resemble prisons and now cops are working at them treating the kids as if they were guilty of something and should not be trusted. I find this disgusting and not healthy.


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