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A Christian's best Friend

Written by Subject: Activism
A Christian's best Friend

With the so called peaceful religion of Islam taking over our country much as it has in Europe we need to use our heads in fighting back as our President and Congress seem to be lax in protecting our own beliefs.

When was the last time you saw a Baptist kissing the floor where by the way thousands of nasty feet have walked on it and praising our Lord? Never you say... well I did see a guy with long hair and a dirty tee shirt with a sign saying the end is near? I guess that could count.

We cannot do as we would do to one of our native nuts and just push past them with a few well chosen expletives oh hell no..... that would be a hate crime if he has a rag on his head or wearing a hoodie with his crack shining.

The Muslims just seem to expect us all to be so resilient and bending over backwards to their disgusting so called religion. It seems to me it is simply a mission that a man who was attracted to very young girls and babies to make it all legitimate and so devoutly religious in practice so ordinary people would hand over their babies to this despicable piece of shit... called Mohamed... The only thing I give him credit for is being able to control ( as Obama wants to control us) the uneducated and uncivilized people of the east.. Who would allow someone to beat them? Of course if that is what you have been taught all of your life it is reasonable to you. Who would ( in sweltering heat) wear dark clothing with their faces covered along with the rest of their bodies in garb that wasn't even sensible 2000 years ago so they would not tempt a man. What man is so easily tempted to rape and injure by just the sight of a face??? or a ankle???? or Lord knows what would happen if he saw a girl in a bathing suit? So that gives the man the power to allow his most despicable desires and daydreams to become a reality with no punishment? In fact he would be able to punish the lowly woman who made him behave this way??? Who would as a religious human being throw rocks at accused women till they are bloody and dead in public? Who would punish with death a woman who had been raped?? And the rapist being one of the first to throw a rock ! Now that is just cold... way beyond barbarism.

Who would consider using their fingers to wipe their butt with? OH YUCK.. Who would kneel on the dirt of a airport and kiss the ground in worship of this pervert and perversion of a religion. But would go to hell if they touched pork?

Prayer time at the airport.

Can you imagine what a few squealing piggies would do to this crowd??? Friends that is the answer. We know how sweet and even clean pigs are if given the chance and they are really smart. Their sense of smell surpasses that of the famous sniffer dogs the German Shepard's and they are so much cheaper to keep and when their use fullness is finished you can have a wonderful meal of pork chops.

These signs should be posted all over the country and every family should have their own little pot bellied pig. They make good family pets and can protect you from the Muslim invasion.. Perhaps if we all had them the Muslims would go back to their home land and leave ours and our beliefs alone.

No violence will be needed just simply put your little pig on a leash and walk in the middle of these uncivilized individuals. Am I afraid that I will hurt their feelings???Hell no mine are hurt every time I see one of them in a American uniform, or in public office of any kind, I am offended that they are given privileges for their degraded so called religion that we as Christean's have no voice to ask for? For centuries the Muslims have brought war and poverty to the world's nations. Now it is our turn.. will we allow it to keep on and virtually take over our land? What is it going to take to wake up people to the state of our country and get mad and up in arms protesting and fighting for their own lives.?

Will you bow down and be a good slave?

OR will you get a pretty little pot bellied pig and train to be your "seeing eye pig" or maybe your "helping hands pig" or even your Truffle sniffer pig? Keep in mind if it is one of the helping hands or seeing eye pigs they are allowed anywhere even inside of restaurants just like the other seeing eye animals etc... The only drawback to having one of these is it has to be walked and it really likes to go among the bend down backs of screaming Muslims giving praise to their God not ours which is the only true God but theirs and praising Mohamed. Think how proud Mohamed's ghost is... gloating at all the babies he has caused to be tortured and maimed, at the nasty women being punished for being a woman and to think this behavior is accepted and given respect to in more evolved and civilized countries... wow just damned unbelievable..

OH YES get out and vote as all the votes will count... oh yes they will George Soros will see to it his Muslim protege will be re elected...

George Soros (Rothschild / Jesuit / Vatican Agent) Owns Company that will Count America's Votes in November

Remember to get your little pig, even George Soros won't like him after all the Jews can't or won't eat pork either? Hummmmmmmm why would the Jews have a similar rule as the Muslims? that could stand some researching.

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