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Arizona Republican Convention Ron Paul Pocket Constitutions

Written by Subject: Activism
Morpheus heads down to the Arizona Republican Convention to demonstrate that Ron Paul is the only presidential choice that makes any sense.  Mitt Romney will not be able to win against president - usurper in thief Barack (barry sorrento) Obama.   Incumbents like Obama are re-elected 95% of the time.  These foolish republicans actually believe that Mitt Romney is  going to win over the democrats.  Well Mitt Romney is a RINO Republican In Name Only and is a Mormon as well.  The people as a majority are not ready for a Mormon president. 

Many Mormons and non Mormons there do not like the fact I am pointing out Mitt Romney's weakness.   Ron Paul is the only one who can beat Barack (barry sorrento) Obama the usurper.  Ron Paul has WON 14 times Mitt Romney has only one once.  Ron Paul knows how to win and more importantly likes to WIN.  What do winners do?  THEY WIN!  Ron Paul will win the republican nomination and WIN against Barack Obama.

With Ron Paul as out president we can return to the rule of Law that the founding fathers set up for us move through the financial storm that the elites have created for us.  We need someone who is strong right now, someone who will go the distance.  Not one of these clowns and quitters like sanatorium and Newt the Grinch!
It is blatantly oblivious that all the other candidates LOSERS like Sanatorium and Newt the Grinch were used as PAWNS to divert attention away from Ron Paul, WAKE UP!  Now their job is to give support for the guy who will TAKE THE FALL for the republicans and GIVE the election to the Usurper - Obamanation who will surely  continue the destruction of the United States.  Ron Paul Knows how win, has been successful at winning, and is the only candidate who can beat Barack Obamination.

With all the support for Ron Paul you have to ask yourself why is it that the republicans have been SOO resistant to Ron Paul.  The reason is they, and I mean those at the top of the republican ladder are doing everything they can to prevent the people to elect Ron Paul.  The reason is simple my friends, THE REPUBLICANS, at the top, are on the same team as the usurper Barack Obamanation! 

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