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The Real Story on German Bearer Bonds from the Expert, Jeff Weston

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 With host Melinda Pillsbury-Foster explore the roots of the issues which made it possible for the corporations to install their own operating system in our courts, in the economy, in government, and in all other parts of our lives. 

Over the next weeks we will be hearing from experts on types of cons and frauds carried out on Americans.  Both activists and ordinary Americans have been defrauded over and over again and it is time action was taken to make essential information available so this does not continue.  

  Tuesday, May 22nd, I will have as a guest on my show Jeffrey Weston. Jeff is the author of “The German Financial Time Bomb A Betrayal of the American Public, A Fantastic Deception,

  50 Years of Cover-Up and Now a Solution,” site located at He is regarded as one of the world's foremost experts on German Bonds, issued prior to World War II. 

 Mr. Weston has served as plaintiff on two precedent setting court cases that have served to confirm the value and validity of the bonds that Germany defaulted on over 80 years ago. With over 26 years experience in the securities business, Mr. Weston has served as adviser to foreign governments, municipalities and numerous public and private companies. 

  Jeff will be with us for the entire three hours of the show so you can ask questions on this very controversial subject. Questions can be sent in advance to us at  

  As you know, these gold bearer bonds have been used by con-artists for decades, fleecing people of millions of dollars. The German Bearer Bonds are one type of these instruments but over the coming weeks we will be covering more of these specific cases so you can be informed and warned.  

  This is our Mission and we pursue it relentlessly. 

​ This Week's Guest:                                                                 Tuesday, May 22th,  2012

Hour One - Two - Three 

Below is Dr. Weston's bio, also found on his website.  


Participated for four years during High School in multi-media communication activities, national level science exhibitions and on the schools leading debate team. Attended the University of Northern Iowa in Business Administration and Finance. Wrote and published three handbooks for high school and college level debate teams during college.


Listed in the 27th edition of Who's Who in Finance and Industry. Securities licenses previously held - Series 24, Series 7, Series 65 and Series 63.


District Manager - IDS/American Express 1983-1986

List of Consulting and Financial Engineering Contracts for period during 1986 to 1995, include, among others, numerous private placement offerings, tax credit sales and several structuring contracts for bond issues for municipalities, venture capital operations and an offering for the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Started a swap fund called the "Aristocrat Endeavor Fund" in 1996 that grew within 3 years from inception to a fund with nearly $1 billion dollars of assets, a four star ranking from Standard & Poors Micropal and a listing on the Bermuda Stock Exchange. The Fund was selected by the Asian Wall Street Journal as the #1 top performing offshore fund in the 4th quarter of 2000.

Structured numerous merger and acquisition transactions and became a noted expert in the pre-war debt instruments of the Weimar Republic which still represent legal claims against the German Government.


Formerly a member of: the North American Securities Valuation Association; the American Registry of Arbitrators; the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD); and the International Association of Financial Planners (IAFP).


"The Zero Coupon Technique" Agefi - International Financing Review, Nov. 1983

"New Group to Assist Firms in Raising Capital" Penny Stock News, Dec. 2, 1983

"100 Start-up Companies for Mammoth Zero Eurobond" Corporate Financing Week, Oct. 24, 1983

"Multi-Fund Seeks to Show Class Across Markets" Foreign Exchange Letter July 29, 1996

"Nevada Manager Launches New Aggressive Investment Fund" Money Management Letter, Aug. 1996

"Fund of Funds goes After Art, Gems of HNW Investors" Private Asset Management, Aug. 12, 1996

"Fund Approved for BSX Listing" The Royal Gazette, July 24, 1996

"Speculating on Germany's Past" Der Spiegel, Nov. 29, 2004

"Battle of the Bonds: German Gold-Backed Bonds" Canadian Business, July 18, 2005

                                                                                    Site:  German Gold Bonds


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