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Bulk and small orders of Dime Cards, by DTOM and FreedomsPhoenix

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The time for bulk orders of Dime Cards for PorcFest is quickly coming to an end, If you would like to get small runs of dime cards in to the print order that will be ready for attendees of Porcfest2012. Please contact Drew (at) DontTreadonMeme (dot) com
DTOM and FreedomsPhoenix will have a number of blank cards ready for laminating at PorcFest. If you bring your loose silver dimes to campsite #35 we will help you run your silver dimes in to one of the many cards we will have on hand. You can still squeeze a few more designs in to our orders. (you must provide the art or work with our designer)

Contact us for pricing of bulk and small orders.

Check out the new limited edition design for PorcFest runs and see some of the other custom cards already made and for sale.

Art by Davie Barker TheMuslimAgorist (at) gmail (dot) com
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