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4409 -- Judge Gets Verbally Bitch Slapped !

Written by Subject: Videos by 4409
 YOU have to watch the entire video to understand.
This was a court case of mine I recorded about 5 or 6 years ago. Me and the "judge" (commissioner) had a knock down drag out......literally.
When they started these admiralty maritime courts and abandoned the common law they did so because they turned you into an agent for a fictitious corporation that is your name in all caps. They justified this in their minds after giving you a corporate I.D.called a SS# which is earily silmiliar to the 9 digit EIN# that are given to corporations by the IRS.
When the courts interact with you they are really interacting with the corporation and they want the flesh and blood man to be surety / agent for that corporation. I'm not a corporation fiction...I'm a flesh and blood breathing entity NOT a fictitious commercial entity and I refuse to be surety for a commercial entity. No victim No crime.

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