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4409 -- Mercury Injected into Babies Heads for Research (Extended Merck Version)

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Mercury injected into babies heads for research. Doctors and mothers are lining up to help with the research in which the mother actually pays for the research and is left caring for the baby afterwards with no help from the researchers.

This is an extended version of the PSA parody

The Faces of Influenza campaign is designed to put a "face" on influenza and make money doing it. The Pharmaceutical companies received numerous duplicitous bailouts which in turn fund this propaganda.

The ad council does underhanded publicly funded service advertisements for large for profit corporations under the ruse that they are non-profit.

Dr David Ayoub provides mountains of factual medical evidence to prove autism is caused by thimerosal mercury in the baby vaccines. In one chart, David shows how the vaccine companies could be forced to pay $100 billion in lawsuit claims if this evidence is brought into court.

$100 billion is a vast sum of money. Now we wonder, what would these vaccine companies do to try to protect that $100 billion?

American Lung Association's Influenza Prevention Program in "Collaboration" with sanofi pasteur

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