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Thirty Pieces of Silver

Written by Subject: Treason and Sedition
I awoke several days ago to a devastating punch in the gut. I was overcome by feelings of abandonment and betrayal just like the feelings that a husband would experience when he realizes that his wife has been unfaithful and his best friend is his wife's new lover. I am experiencing anger, depression and a sense of profound discouragement as I feel compelled to write these words.

Ron Paul has done more to wake up millions of former bankster serving sheeple in this country to the tyranny that is the New World Order than anyone else. He has helped to expose the criminal Federal Reserve and the general and pervasive "sell out" of Americans and our sovereign interests by the bankster minions (i.e. Obama and Romney). As a result, millions of Americans put their faith in this country doctor who has had one of the best voting records in the history of the House of Representatives. I will be eternally grateful to Ron Paul for his tireless support and defense of freedom.

Ever since my days of doing local talk radio in Wickenburg, Arizona, I have supported Ron Paul and have attempted to raise money on his behalf.  However, in the past few months, I am certain that many of the listeners of The Common Sense Show have noticed that I have been dead silent on the subject of the Ron Paul Campaign. I was silent for some very salient reasons as I was beginning to have some grave concerns over the intestinal fortitude and direction of the Ron Paul Campaign.

In the past several weeks, I have been approached several times and repeatedly asked to become a Ron Paul delegate. I steadfastly refused as I used the convenient excuse of not having the time. In reality, I do have the time to help save my country from the bankster tyranny that has overtaken our Republic. I just don't have the time to waste my time jumping on board a sinking ship that has become the Ron Paul Campaign. Are you listening to me Ron Paul leaders?  There are valid reasons why I said no and then subsequently ignored  repeated emails and voicemails designed to recruit me to this cause. I simply wanted to remain silent as I continued to evaluate the disturbing direction that the Ron Paul Campaign was headed.

In the early days of the Paul Campaign, I publicly criticized the establishment media as they orchestrated a wholesale media blackout related to Ron Paul's campaign.  Yet, Dr. Paul seemingly tolerated receiving 30 seconds of air time in a five member debate, in a 30 minute period, on national television. At the next media event, Ron Paul should have said something like "Well, I am glad I am getting my obligatory 30 seconds and the networks should be ashamed for censoring my message that millions of Americans want to hear. "  Unfortunately, these words of indignation were never spoken by the leadership of the Paul Campaign, or by Ron Paul, himself. It was at this crucial juncture that I first experienced misgivings about the direction of the Paul Campaign.

There has also been massive voter fraud committed against the Ron Paul Campaign in the Republican Primary elections. Even the New York Times admitted that the Republican Primaries in Iowa and Maine were stolen away from Ron Paul. Ron Paul was undoubtedly winning the Republican Primary in the early days.  However, as the nomination continued to be stolen, and the will of the people was being usurped, Ron Paul remained silent to this grand theft of the nomination process. Even in Louisiana, as Ron Paul was winning, the Louisiana Republican leadership, controlled by Mitt Romney minions, stole the Paul delegates and gave them to Romney and then proceeded to beat up and evict the Ron Paul delegates when they protested. Meanwhile, Ron Paul chastised the dissenters and admonished his followers to be polite.

Anyone who donated money to the Ron Paul Campaign should be justifiably upset. The election process, in which many of us invested our hard earned money to support Dr. Paul, was stolen from us and there was not so much as a whimper from Ron Paul. Why did Ron Paul seemingly sabotage his own campaign by not forcefully speaking out about the ongoing election fraud and the bankster control of media election coverage? Does anyone else hearken back to the Ross Perot 1992 Presidential candidacy as he held a huge lead before sabotaging his own campaign over some nonsense about the Republicans sabotaging his daughter's wedding? As Mark Twain said, history may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.

I have been beside myself as primary election after primary election, the banksters, who control both political parties, continued their election fraud and the bankster controlled media continued to ignore the Ron Paul message. Meanwhile, the Arizona Ron Paul delegation approached me, again, to please become a delegate in the campaign. This time, I shared my reservations about the apparent lack of a backbone by campaign officials and by Ron Paul himself, to fight back against the criminal actions of the Republican Party leadership. I was told by a party official that Ron Paul delegates were going to seek and achieve a brokered convention and the subsequently freed up delegates would support Ron Paul and he would win the nomination. Just at the time I was going to once again capitulate and donate my time and efforts to the Ron Paul Campaign, Rand Paul sold his political soul to el Diablo, Mitt Romney, as he threw his support behind the Romney Campaign. I am still grieving this betrayal of Ron Paul supporters.

Rand Paul now supports carbon taxes advocate, Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul now supports Universal Health Care author, Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul now supports amnesty proponent, Mitt Romney.  

Rand Paul now supports more bankster bailouts and more wars of corporate conquest supporter, Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul now supports more Federal Reserve Board criminality advocate,  Mitt Romney, and not one word of disagreement from Ron Paul.  Blood is indeed thicker than water and apparently, thicker than patriotism as well. And now, in a juxtaposition, the sins of the son are being visited upon the father as Ron Paul tells his delegates to be polite at the Republican Convention, in Tampa, while America continues to sink into the deep abyss of a tyrannical police state that is robbing us blind.

What have Ron and Rand Paul been promised? What will thirty pieces of silver buy today?  A cabinet post? A surprise VP position for Rand? Well, I am not for sale and I will never support Mitt Romney or any other bankster minion. How many of you, like myself, feel like a pallbearer of a once noble campaign?

There is presently an unlimited supply of political capital that has now been left floundering after Rand Paul announced the capitulation of the Ron Paul Campaign to the globalist minion, Mitt Romney.  I don't drink from the Ron Paul Kool-Aid. I do not worship Ron Paul. I honor the message of freedom and that is the only reason I supported Dr. Paul because of his expressed love of freedom and his seemingly undying support for the Constitution. My personal journey on behalf of truth and freedom, with or without Rand and Ron Paul, will continue on, regardless of who the Paul's support for the Republican nomination.

Despite my sense of betrayal, Dr. Paul has still done all freedom loving Americans an enormous favor through his service and dedication to the ideals of freedom. Ron Paul has awakened millions of our brethren to the corporate controlled police state that we are now all living under. As a result, we now have millions of pissed off Americans who have finally come to realize that their financial futures and their children's heritage has been stolen by the criminal elite.

It is up to all us to find a new home to grow the message of freedom and to complete the job that the Ron Paul movement started. If we allow the millions of Americans who now realize that we have been conquered by criminal banksters, to dissipate, we will never have another chance to reclaim what we have lost.

If you want to live in the past, continue to support the Ron Paul Campaign and watch as your monetary donations will absolutely slip down the rabbit hole and end up in Mitt Romney's coffers. Do not contribute to your own demise as we will undoubtedly witness the November election consisting of Obama vs. Obama 2.0 as the 2012 election will consist of New World Order sock puppet and teleprompter reader, Barak Obama vs. New World Order sock puppet and teleprompter reader, Mitt Romney. This is now unavoidable, the 2012 Presidential election is lost, but our new found political power is not lost unless we choose to consciously forfeit it.  In 2012, we don't have a legitimate presidential candidate to vote for, but freedom loving Americans have a choice on how we respond to our rigged elections, our corporate controlled media and the subsequent tyranny that the globalists are in the midst of implementing. 

Freedom loving Americans now have tremendous political capital and please remember that nature abhors a vacuum. A new candidate and a new movement, reflective of our collective values, will emerge. Thanks to the Ron Paul movement, we have made great progress, but don't make the mistake of living in the past. Rand Paul now openly supports Bain Capital's, Mitt Romney and the Ron Paul Campaign is dead in the water.  However, the new found spirit of our freedom movement is not dead and I will never capitulate to tyranny, nor should you.
Dave Hodges is the host of The Common Sense Show.

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Comment by Ed Price
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On the other hand, did you ever notice how politicians seem to say one thing and then do something else? For example, when Obama promised that he would get us out of Iraq in short order, he did it right away, didn't he (heh heh)? How many broken promises can you find among politicians? Broken promises that were downright fat lies right from the get-go?

Did you ever hear of fighting fire with fire? Is it possible that a politician might be making a lying deal with another politician? What would happen if Rand simply did not follow through with any deals he made that seemed to be deals against freedom? What if he made such deals and gave such endorsements because he was going to pull the rug out from under Romney in the future somehow?

One area of good things that is coming out of this whole Rand Paul flip-flop is, the media is advertising both RPs a whole lot more than they were advertising either one before. And this advertising is getting people who didn't think much about what either RP stood for before, to start thinking about what they stand for in far greater detail. In other words, people like drama, and that is what they are getting with this flip-flop. So they will look more. They will start to see the slavery they are in. And they just might decide that they want to help do something about it.

Also, Ron might be using this whole debacle to find out where his people really are. I mean, getting elected President is only the beginning of the beginning of the fight. If he wants to get anything done while he is President, he needs a whole lot of people to continue the fight with him. He will need more backing than ever if he becomes President. Why should he continue to run if he knows for a fact that his people will not remain strong when he needs them most? This RP v RP thing is serving to help Ron find out how much strength he really does have.

Another point is, how much do WE really want freedom? This Freedom's Phoenix forum is loaded with a bunch of names who seem to be just tickled to death at what seems to be a Ron Paul/Rand Paul sell-out. What are the rest of us going to do about it? Those jokers constantly lie through their teeth about the things other forum members say. They constantly twist words. They constantly demean the character of freedom lovers through direct name-calling and indirect character assassinations. Are we going to take this lying down? Are we going to tuck tail and fade into the darkness of obscurity?

Isn't it tme we start kicking proverbial a** with this whole thing? Isn't it time we get in there and fight for our freedom so hard that the slave makers won't just tuck tail and fade away... rather, so that they turn and run in all-out flight?

Here is the important part, at least on the outside of it...

Vote Ron Paul 2012. AND IF HE IS NOT ON THE BALLOT, WRITE HIM IN. And record the even with your cell-cam.

If YOU/WE vote him in, even if he is not running, he will take the job. He will be tickled pink to take the job.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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I support what Max Dorman believes [see his comment] – that if Ron Paul and his followers were wronged by Rand Paul’s "apparent" treachery when he surprisingly endorsed Romney instead of Ron Paul, Rand will be remembered from the gospel of their memory where the Lord said "vengeance is mine".

But more of interest to me is that Ernest Hancock’s sticks to his gun. He believes that "Ron Paul will be remembered for all of the minds that he helped free. Rand will be remembered... not so fondly."

As to Ron Paul, only those few minds that are NOT free, need help to be free. In this land of the free, we the people are already free compared to the rest of the world. Only fools if not the ignorant, would negate this fact of universal knowledge. To be free we no longer need any help whatsoever from anybody. And here only a handful would likely remember Ron Paul of how forgettable his minuscular beliefs are, while the whole of America is expected to forget him like a fading early morning mist in the roadway when commuters drive at dawn just before the sun is up to avoid the traffic [they would forget him in their normal daily routine].

After examining what really Ron Paul stands for, i.e. wanting to change this country into what he wanted it to be which only a few supports while millions of American reject is to me a memory I need not struggle to forget because it is a memory that would naturally dissolve in the wind.

As far as his followers are concerned, Ron Paul may shine like a jewel in their memory, but one wise man once said, the difference between false memories and true ones is that the false ones almost always look real when they shine.

In the case of his politician son, Rand Paul, this guy leaves a memory of injury that is difficult to heal. He will be less fondly remembered – but he will be remembered for sure.

Be that as it may, to this I have something to say: Remembering is like visiting a public library where the past is stored. That’s where Ernest and Ron Paul’s followers will rekindle the memory of their "icon" of Liberty [Ron Paul] as they look forward with a fresh hope for the future. But it is different in the case of those Rand Paul injured … they will revisit those biblical passages where God said "vengeance is mine". Their satisfaction lives in the past with nothing but more pain and retribution for the future, more so when they mistake their vengeful imagination as their only living memory of yesterday, and of the wrong they suffered from that day they vowed to remember forever.

Comment by max dorman
Entered on:

sad   but   true,,  i  just   hope   the  master  plan   is  still  working,,all  things   are  meant  to  be  .or   manipulated.......vengeance   is   mine   saith  the  LORD..

Comment by Ernest Hancock
Entered on:

Still Voting?.... Ron Paul will be remembered for all of the minds that he helped free. Rand will be remembered... not so fondly.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

 See what I mean about stray comments coming from stray dogs barking at the wrong tree? One just popped in. It rants about "hit men".  What has that to do with what we are talking about? Duh ...! Watch for his next bark from outer space after this. Listen ... we need this space for useful discussions, not a dumpsite for nonsense.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

The whole thing revolves around how many hit men are available and which of the super rich are willing to pay them.

In order to pacify the public to some extent, some of the Ron Pauls, some of the Alex Joneses, some of the Freedom's Phoenixes must be allowed to exist. But when things get a little too far out of hand, the hit men are called in.

Hit men. CIA, FBI, NSA, even police and SWAT (SWAT victims, Jose Guerena and many others). There are also many other private operators. Professionals among the Mexican Drug Cartel can be hired to come up and do a job, and then go home without a trace.

The only question is, how long until the life threats dishearten anyone?

Now poor Rand is caught between these threats and the ones from liberals who feel betrayed.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

After I posted my comment below, I am glad several comments followed that made sense, namely that of Panocha, Britany, Blood Stock, Ed Smith, and from Ohio River … But I want a more fruitful discussion of any of the several issues that author Dave Hodges had brought up in this article – “Thirty Pieces of Silver”, a very revealing confession of a totally disenchanted former member of the Ron Paul Movement.


Annonymous75 picked up a comment which says that Ron Paul was a “traitor”, and argued Ron Paul was not a traitor to the cause.  It was a brilliant display of an analytical power of a mind of which I take my hat off.  I wish somebody makes a comment just as good and powerful. It would  benefit our reading public tremendously.


Panocha is a realist. It is hard to dispute the fact that the situation is dire, so let Romney and Obama just fight it out and may the best man win, although it is funny that she expects nobody will come out the winner. Britany’s sympathy over Ron Paul’s predicament is infectious.


I like Blood Stocks’ bloodless comment that remnants of the Ron Paul Movement shouldn’t lose hope and should go on. I agree with Ed Smith that because Rand Paul is endorsing Romney it means endorsing his position. From Ohio, caution is necessary before jumping to conclusion.


And folks, there you are, a clean public debate is just starting -- a prelude to what’s going to happen in the coming Republican National Convention. It will affect your life and mine for the next four years!  For once, let's make Freedom Forum useful.


But it is sad to say that the rest of the comments are still stray [irrelevant] – posted by stray dogs barking at the wrong tree.  Read them and find out for yourselves.  JV



Comment by Micah Fourana
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The Ron Paul backers needed the same set up the conservative, anti- Communist, John Birch Society had in the late fifties and sixties. Concerned citizens politically motivated, gathered in small groups, located through out the country and voted out the majority of Nelson Rockefeller precinct committee men in their districts. Rockefeller was the Liberal candidate for the Republican party. The new committee men and women were staunch Senator Barry Goldwater supporters.

The Liberal/Marxist media, telecommunications, newspapers, magazines and Republican elites went ballistic when Barry was nominated for the Republican presidency.

The lies and distortions against Barry put out by the media were unbelievable. It was a rude awakening how far the left had infiltrated the communication industry. The conservative/Libertarian movement was forty years too soon.

Talk shows, the new TV media and the internets have changed many things more favorable to the ordinary citizen.

The question! How hard did all those young people who favored Ron Paul work to get him elected?

Comment by ed smith
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Rand Paul had to endorse Romney or lose all the chair positions we have worked hard to gain-He has to work inside the Republican framework-Just because he Endorses Romney doesn't mean he endorses his positions. Don't let people lead you astray

Comment by Ohio River
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We can only speculate why Rand Paul sent his support to Romney.  However, no political act is done by hapenstance.  There were meetings/convservations behind the scenes that we are not away of.  Maybe, even deals.  Great article! 

Comment by David Goliath
Entered on:

Have no fear people. The corrupt system is COLLAPSING at an accelerated pace. They(Israeli operatives) thought they could pull of the FALSE-FLAG 9/11 coup and everyone would just believe their LYING media. Ooops! It seems they forgot about the Internet and the RISE of the alternative media. Now they are backpeddling as fast as they can.

Evidence of their fear:

1. Osama bin laden faked death.  They want 9/11 and the Osama BS scam to just go away. Too many people know it is a LIE and it makes their media and govt. control obvious.

2.Iraq and Afghanistan wars ending. If all was well, these wars would be NEVER-ENDING. But, with the MSM in freefall and the govt. approval at an ALLTIME LOW, they want to end the wars of aggression fought for Israel.

3. FED more "transparent". This corrupt money changer agency is being tarketed for audits and eventual CLOSURE. It is thru this private agency that the Israeli handlers rule the world.. for now. They buy politicians, foreign govts, media outlets... anything they need to control us. But, they forgot about the Internet and now their schemes are being EXPOSED and the FED will be ABOLISHED along with the corrupt Euro banks.



Comment by Ana Panot
Entered on:

 I think the best thing to do is pack up and go home. There is nothing else to do. Your cause has been discredited and everybody is leaving. Just leave it to Romney and Obama to fight it out, hoping that with their hands locked at each other's throat, no one will come out breathing. Just don't do anything foolish and make the already bad situation worse.

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

 It is smart of you JV to disect the anatomy of "betrayal" inside the secrets of the Ron Paul Movement. And it is sweet of you Annonymous75 to put a pillow under Ron Paul's head to cushion his downfall. May the old man rest well in his peaceful retirement.

Comment by Blood Stock
Entered on:


Rand Paul is but one man. LET THE Ron Paul REVOLUTION CARRY ON without him. It is the 300 million that the elite are afraid of. Lets keep it that way. Stick to you principles and never give up. We are sure to survive, we are sure to win with such a force as We The People WILL PREVAIL! Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!
Comment by Bertha Anonimo
Entered on:

To JV – now that you re-arranged and re-directed the focus of attention to this important article written by a former Ron Paul follower for a relevant and proper discussion of this important topic, I hope some analytical minds out there are ready to make some useful comments. Let’s get rid of those comments from another planet, like this nonsense of "SSS America" that has no bearing with or a total "disconnect" from what author Dave Hodges was writing about when he talks about "Thirty Pieces of Silver"!

First of all, I differ to JV’s generalization of those comments below which he figured out were written by a zombie. Not all – perhaps a couple of them – stand on their own, especially the latest comment calling Ron Paul a "traitor". That is his call and I leave it at that, as the focus of my attention.

The frustrations directed against Ron Paul revolved around his inability to respond to the injustice of the punishing Media, and to the scalawags and monkeys of the GOP who robbed him of his victories in the primaries. Die-hard Ron Paul followers believed that this fatal omission and terrible impotence made him a "traitor" to their cause.

This accusation came out only lately. And somebody has to switch on the light on these dark prognostications of what’s going to happen to the Ron Paul campaign. Ron Paul and his son Sen. Rand Paul, had already conceded that there is no way Ron Paul will ever get the nomination. When Rand shifted support to Romney, the Ron Paul Movement is now scattering and followers are scampering out leaving the Movement one by one, i.e. the author, once a strong Ron Paul backer, is bolting out, and the likelihood of disbanding is highly possible after this "betrayal".

But no matter what has been said and done so far, I am sure Ron Paul is NOT a traitor to the cause of the Ron Paul Movement. The reason why he did not fight the Media and the GOP monkeys who robbed him blind of his primary victories is because it is a DONE DEAL. He was not there to win the nomination, ever! His "organizers" did not launch his candidacy to become the next President of the United States [this expectation is foolish] – it was just for the money! JV was the first one to discover this calumny, and he kept on hammering his discovery in the mind of the public, and yet not a single donkey in Ron Paul’s camp had a clue or had ever become aware of this money-making subterfuge taking place right inside the so-called Ron Paul Movement.

In short, Ron Paul only allowed himself to be "used". He is old and retiring from politics, and with the money, I don’t blame him the way he planned to secure his future. He cannot also despise and expose his organizers for taking good care of his future.

You might have a kind of thinking different from mine but to be honest, I am just being frank about mine. I do not talk politics when I write about the truth. My view about hard reality maybe harsh, but what you read is what you get. After all Ron Paul is a public figure that probably will never be forgotten for the next generations to come.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

The "theme" of this well-written disillusionment is the betrayal of the Ron Paul campaign, notably that of his son Sen. Rand Paul, who "betrayed" his father by endorsing Romney, the "enemy" that his father was fighting, for the GOP presidential nomination.

But it surprised me when I noticed that none of the comments below, touched this subject. All these comments only sung the mantra of Ron Paul’s candidacy, the worst, "unelectable" candidate that has no chance at all of winning the GOP presidential nomination; as if all of these comments were written by a zombie. Since these irrelevant comments follow a pattern of total DISCONNECT, the reading public knows that those were written only by one person using several names whose appearance in this page is notoriously familiar.

Dave Hodges has been a rabid Ron Paul follower before, judging from his deep feeling of disappointment and regret for joining the RP campaign. He had shown that the organizers robbed the campaign fund blind and shared the loot with Romney, after Rand Paul betrayed his father and threw his support to Romney. The Ron Paul campaign is still collecting money from the public for this purpose.

I have been writing about this robbery of the Ron Paul campaign fund that the public had contributed. Solicitation for donations, especially in the Internet, was massive. Aware of the fact that Ron Paul has no chance of winning the GOP nomination as historically proven for almost two decades of running as a losing candidate, the organizers would throw Ron Paul under the bus anytime for the money. In my commentaries, I have pleaded so many times to those profiteering organizers to release Ron Paul from his virtual "captivity", to let him quit the race and retire – to put an end to this heartless exploitation of an aging elderly.

But the central point of the author’s pain in the neck when he wrote down his frustration is the betrayal of the organizers, directors and managers of the Ron Paul campaign when they sold out the principles Ron Paul was fighting for, to the Romney campaign for a possible promise of Rand Paul becoming Romney’s running mate.

This is the reason why Hodges titled his written anger Judas’ "Thirty Pieces of Silver", and yet donkeys still don’t get it …as you probably noticed in their comments -- they are still talking nonsense!


Comment by Kevin Boyle
Entered on:

Ron Paul was always there to raise expectations at a time when a serious enemy of the establishment might have emerged and caused real difficulties for the powerful.  He was always going to disappoint and he (unlike yourself and most of those who placed their desperate hopes in him) always knew that. He did not even kick up any kind of of fuss when he was cheated out of victory at various primary ballots. He's a traitor. Don't kid yourself. Your 'gratitude' is entirely misplaced.

Comment by Nick Barone
Entered on:


Comment by Woodrow Wobbles
Entered on:

 Why would Rand do such a thing ? Did "they" talk to him and tell him his father would be in danger if he won the Republican nomination ?

Comment by JD Wilshire
Entered on:

I question the wisdom, and perhaps even the motivations, of anyone advocating that we drop or waver in our support for Ron Paul.  Remember: we are not voting for who has the wisest SON, or for who runs the best presidential CAMPAIGN.  We are voting for who will SERVE US best as the next PRESIDENT.  And despite whatever disappointments we may encounter along the campaigning trail, there still remains NO BETTER CANDIDATE for the PRESIDENCY than Paul.

I'm certain of only one thing right now, and it is that the global banking dynasties would love nothing more than for Ron Paul's supporters to become disenfranchised, disillusioned, and mired in self-pity, enumerating reasons to decry the whole endeavor as having been futile and fruitless.  What are we, pouting children threatening Big Brother that we're going to hold our breath?!  Hah!  What a splendid way to sink a ship without firing a shot.

That is why, regardless of what happens, I am going to vote for Ron Paul.  I will vote for Paul out of pure and utter defiance, even if he flatly drops out of the race and forces me to write him in on my ballot.  And I will so for three reasons:

1.  By not voting at all, or by voting for "the lesser of two evils" candidate, I would be endorsing whatever crimes against humanity (and crimes against ourselves) the actual winner eventually foists upon us.  Now that I am no longer a sleeping zombie, I will NEVER again give my implied consent to the establishment by not voting.  Nor will I ever give my direct consent to a "lesser of two evils."  Period.

2.  Even if Ron Paul does not win, we will at least be able, simply by having voted for him, to hold our heads high, knowing that OUR consciences are clear, and that WE have done the RIGHT thing.  We will be able to look others in the eye, as well, and say so.

3.  And of course, the simplest and best reason of all: the more of us who refuse to become childishly disenfranchized over campaign trail intrigues, and who forge ahead undeterred by still voting for Paul, the better his chances of actually winning.

So vote.  And vote for Paul.  If for no reason other than to say "#%*! you" to the elite.

Comment by Brian Hughes
Entered on:

If this political vacuum is to be filled in the hope of what it's filled with making any new politics effective, then it must concentrate on the only thing which will put a dagger through the heart of the "1%" which controls the "99%": Regaining the power to control the money, and Ron Paul DID AND DOES NOT HAVE THE SOLUTION TO THIS WITH HIS MONETARY BRAND OF AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS!!

True monetary reform will only occur in a setting which in effect starts from scratch on a grassroots level. This means getting off the present Federal Reserve monetary grid and onto new currency systems of a mutual credit nature which is hallmarked by INTEREST FREE MONEY.

The time to 'take to the streets' in protesting the existing order is O-V-E-R! TPTB will easily engineer one controlled opposition spin after another till the cows come home.

The time to detach and 'head for hills' to regroup in this new money fashion is NOW.

Comment by Jeff Smathers
Entered on:

Every four year the helm of the USS America is given to the most popular 'captain' to navigate our ship to some shore for commerce and prosperity for its crew. 

The 'ship' has been neglected by not following a constitution of remedy and sound practices that would make it safe for passage through many storms. Through the pilfering of its stores and stealing its critical infrastructure or by diverting resources for ill gained profits for a few it is heading for a rocky shore of tragedy.

Each new captain offered to those on board will only move the rudder a small amount to the right or to the left keeping the engine running at breakneck speed as the end of the voyage quickly becomes a destiny of history again, like so many others.

There are those who want to destroy this ship so they can build another, a bigger one this time with the flag of all nations under their bridge.  And passage on this new ship will cost you and your children dearly for many many generations.

Perhaps one will throw out the anchor and others make plans for a mutiny.?  But hark! It is the dinner bell and they are serving free lobster and drinks for everyone.  One cannot pass up a free meal after all; this is a pleasure cruise isn't it?



Comment by T Payne
Entered on:

Amen brother. Give me liberty or give me death. Away with the DC empire and its legions of degenerates, israel-firsters and traitors, and pocket dictators.

Comment by Anon Patriot
Entered on:

Solution:  DO NOT VOTE IN 2012!

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Ron Paul said "Zero % Income tax." You can find it all over YouTube.

Can he do this alone? No. Can he do it without Congress? No.

Whenever I talk to people about the idea of no income taxes, few of them get excited... very few. While nobody is really in love with income taxes, a whole lot of them don't like the idea of NO income taxes. After all, where would Government get money to operate?

The big majority of the population is so ignorant, so uneducated about what is going on, so stupid about how they are helping to destroy freedom and the world, that I couldn't blame RP if he simply walked away.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

Thank you Dave for your heartfelt article.  I have always valued your opinion greatly, and continue to value our friendship.

I will miss you on the Convention Floor in Tampa!


Comment by Ed Martin
Entered on:

 "Freedom loving Americans now have tremendous political capital.."

I have to disagree with the above statement. Freedom loving people have no interest in political capital. Evidently, the people who call themselves "Americans" don't have a clue about what freedom is.

Comment by Valerie Ford
Entered on:

I do not know if Ron Paul understands how betrayed we feel. No, Ron was not the movement, we are, but he did provide us with a single voice and not fractured voices. 

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