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Pallywood: According to Palestinian Sources

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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 As the video points out, unfortunately, the MSM understands little about the region much less the production set up Gaza Palestinians have in place that they feed the media. Propagandists in the region know Western reporters not only lack the knowledge of the conflict but also lack filters to disseminate or scrutinize which is and is not actual footage.

What is shown in this video is a classic case of Taqiyaa, the Islamist rationalization to lie to non-believers so this helps them achieve their goal of not only decieving the West but also to undermine Israel.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I have NEVER seen video footage broadcast by the MSM in my life so labelled.  I may have seen such footage shot by "freelance Palestinian video journalists" but it was always labelled as coming from the MSM affiliate employee in the conflict area.

I do not see how the broadcasters can be too uncritical of the veracity of the footage.  It is raw.  It is what it is.  The videographer may choose the venue, what to shoot and what to deliver to the news affiliate paying them, but this is unlikely since the primary motive is to sell footage and get paid.  It is the broadcaster whom chooses what snippet of voluminous raw video is put on display and indeed, almost always the interpretation (often incorrectly, even pure fabrication) of what is seen.

It seems to me what is not closely looked at is the motives and actions of the broadcasters themselves (and university professors with their studies).

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