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Spray on Roofing... or Make your Space Ship Shell in a day

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(New Technology linked at bottom of this post... I'll keep adding to this post as I have time for more research)
The Money Dome was tested on an uncompleted smaller scale in the Spring of 2007 to understand the building techniques and what larger construction would entail. The main issue from my perspective was the easy application of a durable weatherproof shell over an irregular shape.

I have been following the development of Carbon Composites since the 1980's as a young man interested in the application of light/strong/durable materials for the construction of... Everything.

I imagined that by covering a Dome, a House Roof, a Plane, a Boat or even a Space Ship with Carbon Fiber sheets and then being able to simply spray on a penetrating resin that would harden, would create a sealed barrier to the elements that was strong and durable while being very light weight.

Well, just this May 2012 we can see the beginnings of just such technology being used to mass produce auto bodies.
Immediately after graduating High School I worked the Summer of 1979 making fiberglass car bodies for NASCAR race cars. The technique used was the "chopping" of fiberglass rope feed into a 'Chopping Gun' that also combined the two part resin while spraying it into a mold that was then rolled out. This technique could be used to make a Dome Shell over a cloth covering or chicken wire but it is heavy and messy. Here's a sample video of what it looks like.
Now imagine covering your structure with Carbon Fiber and simply spraying it... DONE!
(Carbon Paper {Unzipped nano tubes of carbon} is a whole new animal that has me very interested...
Here's a sample of the strength of Carbon Fiber and a video demo as a starter
Composite Envisions
Resin spray transmission technology gains traction in auto sector

Automakers are very interested in carbon fiber composite processing technologies that boast significantly lower processing costs. One such process promising such potential is Resin Spray Transmission (RST) from Quickstep Technologies (North Coogee, Australia).

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