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Jackalope Freedom Festival - Detailed Directions & Descriptions - August 3rd – 5th 2012

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Payson, Arizona

Jackalope Freedom Festival Campsite

Start - 87 & 260 Intersection in downtown Payson.

39.07 Miles to right Turn onto Black Canyon Lake Turn off
BUT... Please print out this page... no computer/internet/Phone GPS help in this area.

(On the way to the Black Canyon Lake Turn off you'll pass these mile markers to be certain that you are on the correct path - By zeroing out your trip odometer, from the start point of the Payson intersection of Highways 87 and 260 heading east from Payson, you'll not get lost at night.)
        These are Mile Markers ONLY - Stay on 260 east 39.07 miles to Black Canyon Lake turnoff.
    - 29.77 miles = Wood Canyon Lake turn off - 300 North
    - 34.42 miles = Large Power Transmission line crossing over highway
    - 34.67 miles = "Canyon Campground"
    - 36.17 miles = Forest Lakes Estates
    - 37.17 miles = Mule Springs Trail
    - 37.77 miles = Very Small Gas Station (limited hours?) - RV Parking  - "Rim Resort" motel

39.07 miles is Black Canyon Lake turn off (Right Turn)
44.67 (5.6 miles from 260) curve left at "Y" intersection
47.37 (8.3 miles from 260) Bara Meadow (turn right and follow road 1/4mi - 1/2mi and pick a spot)

The road to the campsite has mile markers that count down. The turn off to the campsite is at mile marker 9.9 (just past mile marker "10") and Bara Meadow has a sign near the road.

LARGE RVs: Saturday July 14th 2012 we experienced 1.25 miles of rough washboarded dirt road, but the rest of the 8.3 miles of dirt road was well manacured with only two slight very gradual humps that would need to be taken slowly. The 500 yards to the campsite started with a tight turn for large RVs but was very passable at slow speeds with no holes or gullies.

Campsite: We looked hard for a clean and open area that we could enjoy spread out over the forest while still being in sight of each other if we wish. Since this is part of a former meadow (dry), the ground has a sand beach quality that makes leveling and smooth ground for tents possible. The ground is covered with grass and very clean. Trees are thick to sparse depending on your preference and we are in an area where shooting is allowed and Black Canyon Lake is less than 3 miles back from campsite.

Daytime temperatures (cloudy) were in the 70's and into the 60's late afternoon. Please check weather reports for rain. It rained while we were there and it made for a pleasant experience... but when camping you need to be prepared.

THERE ARE NO SERVICES: No bathrooms, no water, no electricity, no cell phone coverage, no Wi-Fi... even phone GPS doesn't work if you reset it after you have lost the cell signal (FYI).

I am looking at this as a "Bug Out Shakedown". A pleasant camping trip with friends making a long list of things that we all likely should add to our list of things to have ready when camping totally off grid.

Please visit for more details and how to communicate with other attendees for the coordination of schedules, supplies and equipment that might be shared or needed (this will be the fun part of the adventure).

For a totally "Off Grid" adventure for a few days, this is a very nice place. The temperatures are mild day and night but I would plan for Sunny days (sunscreen and hats) and high altitude nights (cool temperatures). The meadow camping area is very large and can accommodate hundreds of people if required. There is a large variety of camping spots for many different tastes and enough space to have a quieter area for those not wishing to be in the middle of the Agorist Marketplace.

I waited until Alma and I could go together to select an exact location before I would endorse the location for the event. Easily found, pleasant location, heavily treed with lots of open space, nice ground cover that wasn't over camped, access to water recreation if desired, shooting available nearby and remote. Alma had already camped the area and was very confident. Donna and I had picked out another area of the forest but I believe that Alma's selection is better. I'm much more excited about going now and am looking forward to a very pleasant experience learning with friends what we should know about forest living. Several experienced individuals will be sharing what they now with the rest of us and learning in real time in such a pleasant environment will be a great mini-vacation.

I know some plan to go early and get set up for the others to arrive. Others may be coming Friday evening and need EXACT directions so they don't get lost in the dark(provided - but you need to verify these on your own and take responsibility for yourself, I take no responsibility for your getting lost or for anything else).

Downtown Phoenix to downtown Payson is 90 miles and 90 minutes... Plus another 47.37 miles to the campsite from Payson. So plan on 3 hours from Phoenix Area to campsite.

I hope to have my campsite set up by Thursday evening with the MoneyDome erected where ever we think the center of 'Town' might be. So coming earlier in the week isn't a bad idea for those hoping to get a fuller experience.

Jacked Up for the Jackalope Freedom Festival.