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In the first half of The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges, Dave and Annie De Riso welcome Susanne Posel as they explore the likelihood  of more false flag attacks coming to American shores.  Posel will present some strong circumstantial evidence which is suggestive on why the participants and the fans at the London Olympics are also in danger. Posel will tie the coming events to the UN Gun Control Treaty, which interestingly will eventually confiscate all privately owned guns and prevent individual self-defense with a firearm.  In a related topic, Posel will also analyze the future participants in the coming World War III in which the gold backed currency nations will be attacked by the fiat currency nations which tie into the Bank of International Settlements and whose armies will be led by the United States (ie The Federal Reserve mercenaries).

In the second half of the show, Desiree Rover, a prominent talk show host from Amsterdam, joins the show to share the political happenings from across the pond which are censored by the corporate controlled media. Topics include, widespread corporate sponsored child sex trafficking, the European economic meltdown due to austerity and assuming the globalist banker's debt, the attack upon the natural healthcare industry by Codex Alimentarius, and the labeling of GMO foods and why the European food supply is safe than the one in the United States





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Comment by James Eldridge
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As much as I would like to listen to what is being said, I would rather read what has been said then to have to sit around waiting for them to get to the major points. Highlighting those major points is what I would be using in my emails to others about the subject. Please give us the transcript.

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