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The Insiders List of Insider Information for the 2012 RNC Convention in Tampa

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In my conversation with the convention I have learned that as of today there isn't any public list of events put out by the host committee or committee on arraignments. But this site is helpful.
On the opening page it has a google doc calendar of all the republican events in the Greater Tampa Bay Area:

It also has a link to the maps of each states delegation hotel location:
This site allows you to go day by day and see a map as well as a calendar of certain events:

Here is a link to the 2012 convention venue guide:

Here is a map from the Tampa Bay Times of the security plan of the city for the

The Tampa Bay Times posted 10 things to do in tampa during the convention:

List of the area venues which have been booked for official and unofficial RNC
events, which are closed to the public.

50 top restaurants in the tampa area:

Map of where the delegates will be staying:

Guide to each hotels neighborhood:

Below are "Convention Insider" videos (1-5) that talk about the venues and
how they will be prepared...It also talked about (in part 5) the airport and
it's first impression for those who arrive.

EPISODE 1 Summary of convention:

Behind the scenes with operations department:

Tampa Bay Times Forum (sports stadium):

On the main exhibit hall of the convention center:

On Tampa International:


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