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Several Libertarian candidates in the Arizona primary election are write-in candidates.

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Here is the postcard that is being sent to 1417 early ballot voters, plus expected ~750 poll voters. These are Libertarian voters who have by history demonstrated that they vote in the primary, separated by who votes by early ballot and who votes in the polls. The selection has been highly weighted to those districts where there are write-in candidates. The early voter cards should arrive in mailboxes at about the same time as early ballots mailed from the counties. The poll-voter cards will be sent to arrive a couple of days prior to election day (8/28).

If Marc gets even a 5% response rate he should be OK. My personal experience is that it's been about 30%. That doesn't mean that Marc is home free. His campaign will need to go out and secure voter commitments through emails and phone calls. I have a state-wide database of all voters and datasets of target contacts can be supplied.

Warren Severin
Chairman, Arizona Libertarian Party


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Comment by Michele Power
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 Attention libertarian candidates in Arizona:


I was recently informed by our marketing department that our office will consider hosting any candidate’s request to speak.


We are a mid-sized law firm with about 48 attorneys, plus paralegals, staff, etc. and can provide quite the captive audience.


Please contact Chris Long at  or  call her at 602-234-8746.

Please come speak…If I have to listen to one more socialist neo-con, I’m going to stab myself in the eye….it won’t be pretty.  Sheriff candidate Paul Penzone is speaking September 7, so if you know anyone running against him please pass this info along.

Thank you.

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