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Generation Next isn't 'amassing' anywhere... (thoughts from 2012)

Written by Subject: Activism

A group of individuals influential in Arizona politics are in a lively debate over the POTUS election and are looking for the massing of people in support for liberty so that it can be influenced to support the GOP over Obama. I was queried in the hope that I could share the secret location of the 'rebel base' :)


"One little personal focus group of mine is fairly meaningless, but please direct me where this simmering caldron of generation next is amassing."

They are not "amassing".

This is a decentralized, freed minds, NOT on the street protesting, youth that have seen the wizard behind the curtain and are looking to just keep breathing longer than their oppressors as the dollar/current paradigm collapses.

And when the Columbia grads are under-employed with a personal and public debt that they are unable to pay off, they'll join the others that the system is churning out by the 10s of thousands on a very regular basis. Higher education is loosing its shine from my perspective. We each see different segments of society and I'm sharing the perspective of many young that have been exposed to alternative education and have come away with a much different view of the world. The 13 year olds just entering puberty in 2007 and exposed to the LOV3olution are now 18 and planning for the future. High School Grads in 2007 are now College grads with no job and an unpayable debt and they share their opinions on the Internet... and I pay attention.

I can point to a lot of examples but I'll summarize. They are more 'sad' than they are 'mad'. They have decades in front of them to make a new world based on values important to them. The past successes that older generations have had in implanting goals and desires into maturing generations has given way to the ability of an entire Generation Next full of minds that for the first time in human history are able to create their own communities and gatherings of minds in real time around almost any catalyst for a way of life that makes them happy. The Pursuit of Happiness for the individual is much more independent of any collective influence now. Instead of, "how can I best fit in", it's more "with whom do I best fit", and with a few mouse clicks they are home.

I have two boys and two girls. They graduated from Phoenix Christian Jr/Sr High in 2003/2005/2006/2007 all have attended various colleges and universities but all combined have a total of less than $10,000 in student debt and are doing well financially in careers with a future. I now have 4 grandchildren that I get to enjoy and don't have to raise (because we raised good parents for our grandchildren). I encouraged them to seek higher education but emphasized learning highly valued skills ASAP and going to school part-time. I contrast this with their privileged friends and their families that I got to know well over the 6 years of private school activities and sports. The 3 year old hand me down BMWs and Hummers from parents are gone, generations of once very prosperous families are now under one roof, university degrees have not translated into expected careers or planned for income and a soft lifestyle didn't prepare them for hard realities.

Our children have come to respect our perspective and are happy to have benefited from the lessons learned with a 10 ounce bar of silver in their Christmas Stocking instead of an iPod (they didn't appreciate it then :)  We valued capabilities and knowledge more than a piece of paper and our children got a unique perspective of the political system and the lies that held it together. Their very close friends stay close, due to the Internet, and are closely kept up with and many were very involved in the LOV3olution of the past 5 years. Soooo, when I add my regular contact with the youth involved with the 'Ron Paul Revolution' and the exposure to my children and their friends and my friends and their children (actually paying attention and asking lots of questions constantly) I suspect that my perspective is representative of a large swath of what be a'com'n.

The future has nothing to do with the current paradigm IMNSHO and as always I have been planning for what will be the most inspirational to Generation Next. My efforts for 2013 are already planned for and has nothing to do with the political process. Culture will trump the coercion of the multi-layered/headed government beast and I'm busy focusing on influencing individuals. I've spent 2 decades detailing what is coming and why and any evidence supporting these conclusions is ignored and/or opposed when the status quo is challenged. But the damage coming is going to engulf supporters of the state the most, not because they are advocating for their turn wearing the ring of power, but because they don't understand the need for preparing for the elimination of 'The Ring' in the minds of Generation Next on a worldwide scale. Collective Coercion in all its forms is being challenged head on and because their isn't an effective argument to support the enslavement of individuals the debate has quickly devolved into Arrests, Rendition and Torture. And Generation Next Know it!

The Shrugging is coming/here, and it doesn't take an 'amassing'. The only warning that you'll get is a 'Shared Opinion' by the productive that they are not slaves. The shrugging has already started and those blind to it don't understand why the foundation of their paradigm has crumbled beneath them. I can go on and on providing examples... or I can just wait for even the most obtuse minds to recognize the shift... it won't be long.