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Libertarian write-in candidates need your ink

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From Warren Severin, Arizona State Chairman of the Libertarian Party:
The Arizona Libertarian Party has some write-in candidates in the primary election this year. We're asking for your help, to write in their names on your ballot for the upcoming primary election. They must get enough write-in votes in the primary to have their names printed on the ballot for the general election in November.

United States Senator
Corporation Commissioner
U.S. Representative in Congress District 1
U.S. Representative in Congress District 2
U.S. Representative in Congress District 9
State Senator District 8
State Representative District 28
State Representative District 29
Phoenix Justice of the Peace Downtown
Constable – Arcadia Biltmore

Marc Victor
Christopher Gohl
Kim Allen
Anthony Prowell
Powell Gammill
Dean Dill
Jim Iannuzo
Bill Barker
Thane Eichenauer
Nannette Gordon

If you like, you can print this email and use it as a reference as you fill out your ballot. To write in a candidate on the ballot:

On the ballot, find the heading for the office; for example "United States Senator." (Not all offices appear on all ballots.)Below the heading for each office is a box that says "No Candidate". Immediately below that box is a box with light printing that says "Print name of write-in candidate HERE". Print the name of the candidate for the office, as in the list above, in this box.Connect the black line at the right of the box.

It's easy. If you want to have these Libertarians represented on the November ballot then they need your write-in votes NOW, in the primary election.

Thanks for your help! See you at the poll on August 28.

Best regards,

Warren Severin
Chairman, Arizona Libertarian Party

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