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Open Letter to My Fellow RP Delegates by Ed Vallejo, Arizona Alternate Delegate to RNC

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Open Letter to My Fellow RP Delegates,

My name is Edward Vallejo, and I am currently the Organizer of the Phoenix Ron Paul for President MeetUp Group – the first of it’s kind.  It was created in February of 2007, a full month before the good Congressman even declared, by a man named Philly Dave Gallagher, Activist in the Phoenix Area.  He created it because those engaged in the Cause of Liberty in Arizona saw what was coming, and knew that the people would need a place to gather and coordinate, for which the Internet and MeetUp were the perfect medium of communication without external control.  I began organizing the Group a couple of months later when I arrived because of my skills with coordinating efforts.

I am a United States Army veteran – and Signal Corps Honor Graduate, and my Permanent duty was with the 36th Medical Detachment (HA) out of Ft. Polk, La. as a radio-telephone operator, tasked with the overall coordination of missions, crews, and equipment for which lives depended – thus making me a natural for the position I now hold.

Being a past National Delegate for the Libertarian Party in 2008 and 2010, I am familiar with the process in which I am currently engaged here at the 2012 Republican National Convention - in this beautiful city of Tampa. 

I understand there are grievances by many of my fellow Delegates that staunchly support Congressman Paul.  I understand your feelings probably more acutely than anyone present.  I ask you to hear me out.

Dr. Paul told us that the greatest good can only be done from within – that’s why he had us join the Republican Party – to spread the message of Liberty, and to not just build the Party – but become the Party.  Populate it with law-abiding, liberty-loving individuals.  Run for office.  Do as much good as you can there.  Make your Country better.

Keep it non-violent.

And that’s what you did. You worked and fought and worked some more and fundraised, and now you are a good portion of the Republican Party – and you are everywhere.  Many of you have gone to great pains to work out relationships with many good people in the GOP.  Will you throw out all their hard efforts by airing your grievances at this time? Will it gain you anything positive?

What would Ron Do? Would he be out here amongst you if he were in this situation?  I think not.

I bet if I sat down and asked him, he would probably admit that Mr. Romney was nowhere near as dangerous to America as Mr. Obama sitting in the White House for another four years – especially since the ‘official nomination’.

I was the Arizona Voting Delegate at the Continental Congress 2009 in St. Charles, Illinois. For eleven days, duly elected Delegates from 48 of the 50 states deliberated violations of the Constitution, including an Article that dealt with the Current sitting President’s failure to enforce the law regarding immigration.  I sat on that Committee and personally helped write that Article.

Being a Concerned Arizonan, I have watched closely my County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, as he has been investigating our sitting President.  He has reported back to us that his publicly released documentation of birth AND his Service Registration card are forgeries.

I could go on, but we all see it.

I am greatly distressed at the direction my Beloved Republic has been taken by this man in the Oval Office, and fear greatly for the safety of myself, my family, and my Country.  I fear the resort to the Use of Arms by American Citizens, and untold misery, heartache, and unnecessary bloodshed on American soil.

It is for these reasons that I implore my Fellow Patriots to not air your grievances at this time, publicly. Please, go back inside the Convention hall, as one, and show some maturity and solidarity, and continue this road we have come so far on.  Let us have our grievances arbitrated either within the Party, or failing to resolute – take it to the courts.

I honestly believe that’s what Ron would do.



Ed Vallejo

Arizona Alternate Delegate



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Comment by Ana Panot
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Your Ron Paul dream went kaput. Your Plan B went puf.f.f.f. It didn’t work. Go to Plan RTWF –S … Raise the white flag – surrender… No emotional hang-up. Just walk to the door, and leave. Come back later to fight another day.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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YOU STILL DON’T GET IT… Ron Paul is a no-can-do politician.

You can curse the Republican Party for blocking Ron Paul, call the RNC the dirtiest name you can spit out in the air or cry your heart out to high heavens until you turn blue after GOP officials crushed him under their boots like an annoying and detestable roach … and like a pestering bug, sprayed him with a foul-play insecticide after swatting and zapping him out of his caucus rights and primary-delegate entitlement and still insisted to stay instead of going away.

What Libertarian-cum-Paul delegates do not understand is that this whole Republican nomination process is a big NO-CAN-DO for Ron Paul to ever become a candidate for president – no-can-do either to the Republicans or to the American public.

Except to his few followers from the "lunatic fringe" [this quote came from the New Hampshire newspaper], to all Americans, he is just a NO-NO-POLITICIAN to run for the highest office of the land.

Here’s why: During the Republican National Convention, had Ron Paul been allowed to speak and address the nation -- a possibility his followers wanted so much which the organizers also wanted so much to prevent and avoid [and they have succeeded] -- it would have been unnecessary for Obama to campaign to defeat Romney. Romney’s economic plan for the country will be embarrassed by Ron Paul’s Libertarian Voodoo Economics that would make Americans laugh – a complete disaster to the Republicans in the campaign trail.

Ron Paul wanted "to change" [destroy] America, starting from creating a new America without a Central Bank [Federal Reserve], the only country in the world that will not have a Central Bank; he would abolish the IRS, and create a Ron Paul United States of America without an Income Tax, without a United Nations, and without U.S. international leadership that it has today.

And with Ron Paul’s foreign policy to turn this country into a virtual recluse, coupled with his advocacy of liberty and freedom which include the freedom to drink raw milk and spread the dreaded disease [black death] to a great number of the population [terror-epidemic] caused by Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria, and the freedom of Al Qaeda terrorists in this country to kill Americans and destroy America [he blamed Americans – not Al Qaeda – for that 911 carnage – all on record], Republican diehards would have bolted the Republican Party.

The common denominator of Romney’s defeat versus Obama’s victory, is Ron Paul in the opposite sides of the political spectrum.

With what Ron Paul represents – a new world for you and I and for all Americans, a totally different weird America that has never been seen or heard before on this planet -- how can we blame the RNC for what they did to Ron Paul and followers from the "lunatic fringe"?

RNC was just doing the right thing – GOP officials must do what they have to do – isolate a dangerous politician from the edge to run for president. Americans love this country, a great nation that should be protected from political oddballs that would like to become President of the United States!

And what boggles the imagination is that there are followers that do not see what the likes of Ron Paul are to America. It is even more bizarre [unbelievable is an understatement] when there are STRANGE followers who on the contrary see him as a symbol of Liberty, Freedom, Honesty -- and you can name all the VIRTUES ever known to man -- who exhibit a certain kind of idolization or fanaticism they call a "Ron Paul Movement" – the only Movement I know that leads human cattle to the slaughterhouse, so to speak.

As a believer of the finer principles, as well as a devotee of the applicable dogma, of Libertarianism that are reasonable and still acceptable today, I myself is in great pain as I sympathize with you in the wake of this tragedy. But there is no need to cry over spilled milk. You have to wake up and face this reality.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Or not participate in a process designed to legitimize the theft and tyranny of the all powerful State.

Comment by Rick Fowlkes
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Or maybe we should all just vote for Gary Johnson who most closely agrees with the message of Ron Paul. Maybe that's what Ron Paul would do. Rick Fowlkes
Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:

 Thanks for posting Donna, I'm swamped getting the word out here, and I have to hit the next event in two hours.

I had intended to be at the 'Media Event' and deliver this speech to the Press and the Delegates/Alternates, but my Delegation Schedule has me arriving too late to participate - hence my spreading it as far and wide as I can.


Comment by krzee king
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I will not vote for Romney, and I feel that to do so is condoning all of the cheating by the RNC. Enjoy your 'lessor of 2 evils'-neocon

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