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FEMA Trains with Human Shackles Are Real

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Tonight on The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges, News Director, Annie Di Riso, interviews a Nashville, TN. man who has serendipitously been aboard an unmarked set of black box cars stacked with series of chairs containing shackles for human arms and legs.

Annie’s exclusive interview precedes a special report by The Common Sense Show’s Senior Correspondent, Susanne Posel, in which she and Dave Hodges discuss the growing evidence for a staged false flag attack, followed by a massive computer virus designed to force a “bank holiday” in which American savings accounts are stole just as they were in the John Corzine led MF Global scandal. 

Additionally, Dave Hodges and Susanne Posel will reveal the existence of a previously unheard of a massive 5 year war game presently taking place off of every inch of coastline adjacent to the United States and various other locations around the globe. Now, everyone knows that there is no such thing as a “5 year war game.”  Yet, there is growing evidence that these military forces are under the control of US military forces not loyal to globalist mega bankers and their teleprompter reading sock puppet, Barak Obama. What’s behind this operation? Tune in and find out why the researchers of The Common Sense Show have come to reasonably believe that this military exercise is actually designed to perpetuate a state of military readiness as a prelude to the civil war which will follow a globalist elite led banking collapse in the United States and the implementation of martial law and gun confiscation enforced by UN led foreign troops which are presently stationed inside the United States.

In the first hour of the show, Dave will be joined by Brazilian doctor and American expatriate, Mark Sircus, as he reveals the lurking dangers of Fukashima and what this means for everyone around the world. Tune is and find out what the media is not telling the American public.




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 Technical specifications of FEMA trains!!

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