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Cops leave 'house in shambles' after a drug raid gone wrong with no arrests

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A family is still trying to figure out what happened after a package was delivered on Friday and 10 minutes later drug raiders broke in the door. Paul Brown, an architect, was in the basement of his home when he heard a "huge noise". He headed up the stairs only to be met by a gun to his face. Brown was handcuffed in his own home. “They wouldn’t tell us why they were there,” he claimed. After the chaos was over, he was able to speak to his family and figure out some of what happened.

A package was delivered to Paul Brown's home in Beach Park, not far from Chicago. The package was about 18 in long and almost two feet tall. The package, addressed to someone who did not live at the home, was signed for by Brown's son-in-law, Wilmer Aries. Wilmer brought the package inside the home and left it inside, near the front door. Ten minutes later, police smashed in the front door and began ransacking the house.

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Comment by Ed Martin
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 The only people who are surprised by this are those who aren't paying attention. Eventually, willful ignorance is going to get you.

Comment by Alan Neuman
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Just as an aside, the article is wrong. When you place handcuffs on someone, THAT IS AN ARREST! Regardless of whether they were taken to jail or not, they still have been taken into custody.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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FedEx, UPS or USPS cooperation with drug detection programs where they detect drug shipments and then set up a sting. 

Assuming it went to the correct address usually the people who do this pick someone they know is usually not home so the package is left by the door. They then pick it up.

If it got left at the wrong house, well, welcome to happy, happy police state Amerika.  Your prior support for our brave, fearless policemen and the enforcement of our laws is expected to enthusiastically continue---understand?

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