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4409 -- PHOENIX POLICE: "9/11 Sign Will Cause People to Crash and Die on Highway?"

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Sorry, but most of this video is raw and uncut.

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Comment by laurent jubinville
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Your video recording of encounter with the law is great, but may I suggest that in the future please try to overwhelm these uninformed uniforms with the message and not waste your valuable time with the messengers. Expose the lies and pepper them with facts that more than justifies you flashing this message on every freeway in the free world. Great job guys. ldj canada
Comment by Jerry Alexander
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The cop said that it is against the law to blow your horn unless it`s an emergency...What the hell is 911 if not an emergency?

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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I guess this cop should notify the proper authorities when he goes to the donut shop so that we know what he is doing..... That was HIS logic.

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