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4409 -- Chaos erupts at GOP LD25 meeting in Mesa.....kicked out for filming...WTF

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While attending a legislative district meeting in Mesa....chaos erupted all because we wanted to film the meeting to keep tabs on them. The GOP decided to go all communist MAO on a brotha...WTF
Special thanks to Westbrook :) Could not have done it without you!
Please check out

Listen to the whole Kennedy speech at the end of the video. I'm not claiming the man was a saint but he called out the Elites scumbags in that was amazing...I don't think anyone would EVER dare those words again. That speech was beyond the words spoken!
BTW.... I'm neither a "Republi[con]" "Libertarian" or a "Democ[rat]"...I support voluntarism or what we like to call "leave me alone-ism"  :) beat near the end by

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