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Arizona TIP Hotline

Written by Subject: Activism
Greetings citizen! 

If you are visiting this site, you have received a "Thank you for cooperating ..." note from one of our investigators, or a "Sorry we missed you ..." notice.  Thank you for your interest in Phase II of our Total Individual Compliance program, or TIC for short.  TIC was designed over a decade ago to latch on to every single person in the United States and siphon off all pertinent information regarding their habits, contacts and beliefs to be measured against our ever more accurate profile database to determine their propensity to disobey and monitor them completely 24/7/365 for life and thereafter.  We thank you for making our society more safe for everybody.  We at TIC have swelled with pride at making America safer for everyone evermore everyday and you are an important part of the team.

With your leaders over you there is nothing we cannot do.  Whether on the left or on the right all agree that the security of the homeland in this national emergency is paramount to rule over this great land of freedom of ours.

With our newly created powers approved by Congress, the President's Executive Orders and with the full support and compliance of the courts, we are eager to expand on the beginning waves of government directed kidnappings and killings.  It is time for the terrorists to know terror and cease through all means necessary opposing our way of life.  Without you informing us of disloyalty our efforts to target unruly citizens for midnight raids, disappearance and elimination would be diminished.  The security of the Homeland is at stake.  We know you will cooperate.

Now we have much of the information we need to identify those who oppose our way of life within the homeland.  Such opposition are terrorists who need to be eliminated from within government as well as from within our borders.  Once the final solution is accomplished we can make the entire world safe for our democracy.  Our massive computer spy complex in Utah has taken this information and started to identify citizens in need of being rendered insignificant.

But we still need your help in case we missed any hooligans who possess a "V For Vendetta" DVD, who are driving about with Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars, were seen wearing a Gadsden flag t-shirt, whom expressed anti-war sentiments at any unmonitored meetings or who may have offered opinions deviating from the carefully vetted simple messages of the corporate news.  We are relying on you to do your part because some unidentified persons of interest have been seen wearing Guy Fawkes masks and opposing us. 

Yes, we know this is hard to believe in this day and age when we monitor all communications, can surreptitiously listen in on your turned off laptops and cell phones, database mine all of your email, Youtube and Facebook postings,  but we still have terrorists running around in our precious homeland and so we are investigating to make sure of your loyalty for your own good and to eliminate you as a category 1 suspect.

Congratulations!  The fact you are reading this and not waking up in a windowless sensory deprivation holding cell is a good likelihood you are only a category 3 or lower suspect and will not be mainly effected by Phase II.  This does not guarantee such for your other family members.  Keep working hard to support the homeland citizen.  Report even disloyal children in need of psychiatric counseling.  We are counting on your good industrious labor to keep our government running to protect you from yourself.

Be a good citizen.  Report your neighbors.  Support your chosen leaders.  
ATTENTION CITIZENS!  Be on the lookout for these non-conformists who are causing dissent and report them to all you know.

Sorry we missed you! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!
10-04-2012  • 
Wait for it.... wait.......