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4409 -- Cop kills Nude Unarmed Alabama student...WTF

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(CNN) -- Authorities in Mobile, Alabama, are investigating why a University of South Alabama police officer shot and killed an 18-year-old freshman who they say was naked and acting erratically outside the campus police station early Saturday.

The campus officer heard a loud banging noise on a window at the station at 1:23 a.m. CT (2:23 a.m. ET) Saturday, the university said in a statement. When he left the station to investigate, the school said, "he was confronted by a muscular, nude man who was acting erratically."

The man, later identified as Gilbert Thomas Collar, of Wetumpka, Alabama, repeatedly rushed and verbally challenged the officer in a fighting stance, the school said.

The officer, whose name hasn't been released, drew his weapon and ordered Collar to stop, the school said. The officer retreated several times to try to calm the situation.

"When the individual continued to rush toward the officer in a threatening manner and ignored the officer's repeated commands to stop, the officer fired one shot with his police sidearm, which struck the chest of the assailant," the school statement said. "The individual fell to the ground, but he got up once more and continued to challenge the officer further before collapsing and expiring."

Campus police immediately contacted the district attorney's office to request an external investigation, and the Mobile County Sheriff's Department will assist, the school said.

The officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of internal and external investigations, the school said.School spokesman Keith Ayers called it a "campus tragedy" for the university family but offered no other details, citing the active

investigation.The University of South Alabama, located in Mobile, enrolls about 15,000 students.Wetumpka, located just north of Montgomery in the middle of the state, has nearly 8,000 residents.

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Comment by Ed Price
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You know, of course, what all these murders by law enforcement officers is really about, don't you? It's really about enraging the people enough so that guns are banned. The idea is to violently trick the public into believing that if guns are banned among the public, they can be banned among police, as well.

We need to ban police... by increasing the numbers of guns that the public own, so that there is no need for police.

Comment by Thane Eichenauer
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"Even so, it does not explain why there was no warning shot or why the officer shot to kill." IMO warning shots are a fiction of the TV set. Either the guy was a hazard or he wasn't. If he was a hazard then the police was justified in defending himself.  

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Cops in America are becoming the most sickening people on earth. I pray they don`t have a human family.

Comment by Don Duncan
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I see a picture. Does this mean there were eyewitnesses? I would like to hear from all who saw the shooting. The shooter's version is self-serving. Even so, it does not explain why there was no warning shot or why the officer shot to kill. It appears the officer was not emotionally equipped to handle a firearm. But I'm sure he will be exonerated by his fellow cops. It's part of their code. And everybody knows it. But they support this system of "public services" anyway, at least until they get "serviced".


Comment by Ed Price
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From "Raiders from the Rings" by Alan E. Nourse:

"Two large men rushed Ben with angry shouts; he waited coolly until they were close enough, then triggered the tangle-gun, aiming at their feet. The egg-shaped gray pellet smashed on the floor beneath them, sending up twisting black tendrils of tangle web that stopped them as though they had been poleaxed. Both tumbled to the floor, struggling against the powerful adhesive of the tangle web, bound tighter and tighter as its molecular structure tightened the more they fought to extricate themselves. Nobody ever died from an encounter with a tangle web, but anybody caught in one would be held for hours in its tenacious tendrils, able to breath but not much more, until the molecular activation gradually seeped away and allowed the victim to release himself."

Don't we have enough technology around to develop something like this?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Excuse 47: "He was high on PCP [or bath salts].   This gives the deranged drug addict super human strength presenting an imminent threat to officer safety requiring the rabid mad dog to be put down for his own good."

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