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CBS Series- Flips are real! “As a result, the wrong winners and losers were called.”

Written by John Brakey Subject: Voting and Elections

CBS Series 2 of 6 - Flips are real! “As a result, the wrong winners and losers were called.” Same machines Maricopa Election uses.

CBS Series 1 of 6 Video - Well known Veteran Florida election director, Ion Sancho warns: 'It is wrong to assume that the machines are always right. They’re not'...:

Time Line that explains the Pima Co case - Election Integrity Timeline by Bill Risner, October 5th, 2012 (PDF)

Fact:  At the present time in Pima Co it is easy to cheat using our election computers and impossible to challenge a rigged election. The ease of cheating when matched with the impossibility of challenging any specific election requires “WE THE PEOPLE” intervention in order to protect the purity of elections and ensure that we will have free elections.

What do we want?     Verifiable Elections!

How do we get there in Pima County for the Nov 6th election?

To know more of what we're doing go to this site:

Here is a link on how to stuff an Accurate memory card that used in the precinct’s optical Scanners.

Video - Two minutes into the video shows how Pima County Elections using a "crop scanner" to program the memory card before voting so that it would print the results they wanted as opposed to the actual votes. The purpose of the Black box report was to warn county election departments of this potential mechanism of fraud, now famously referred to as the “Hursti hack.” The report came out July 4, 2005. By August 3, 2005, Pima County had purchased the same device. Video clip, 6 minutes, live at: :
Short Version Bill Risner Explaining How Election Fraud Worked In Pima County Precinct Memory -- 

(1) Bill Risner initial disclosure statement which is a mind blowing comprehensive statement of facts collected over 8 years of investigations and litigation of Pima County: :

(2) Affidavit Zbig Osmolski about who hack the RTA Election of May 16, 2006:

(3) Invoice for the hacking tool cropscanner Pima County Elections:

(4) RTA Fraud Flyer with 10 points:


“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” Thomas Jefferson

AUDIT-AZ’s Mission: to restore public ownership and oversight of elections, work to ensure the fundamental right of every American citizen to vote, and to have each vote counted as intended in a secure, transparent, impartial, and independently audited election process.

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