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4409 -- (VIDEO PROOF) Statism is a Mental Disorder

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We decided to go to a corporate funded 9/11 troop worshiping festival of aggression and utilize our god given right to free speech and was met with violence.

You will notice how these people are hostile and aggressive towards peaceful people holding a sign but don't put two and two together and then call Muslims extremists after we invade their country...kill their family members and steal their resources.

The mental capacity of these brainwashed cable news viewers is reaching comical levels.

We stayed until the end of the rally and then proceeded to display the sign at the end of block and they got so frustrated they formed a line of motorcycles around us to shield the sign from passer byes and intimidate us. As you will see It did not work.

Is this video proof that Statism is a mental disorder?

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Comment by Alice Smith
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 I’ve got a bone to pick with this report.   First, I fully believe 911 was an inside job from research done and the evidence.  (especially obvious when one looks at bldg. 7)  I fully believe that it was orchestrated by our own government as a false flag event in order to justify our invasion in the affairs of the middle east along with the justification to steal our freedom in this country.  There is NO Constitutional justification for our presence in that region.  Also, I truly do believe it’s cognitive dissonance (please see the following You Tube video   However, in addition to the cognitive dissonance, I believe that some in the 911 truth movement, in addition to various patriotic groups, do harm to our credibility and thus aid in the public remaining largely ignorant, by painting Muslims as some peaceful people.

For those that are not historically ignorant, this false premise to paint the Muslims as some peaceful people, is just plain ludicrous.  For centuries, clear back to their inception, the fruit of their political ideology has been to conquer and treat those that refuse to be conquered in the most vile, bloodthirsty, and barbaric ways possible.  It’s well documented the beheading, stoning of people, hacking people up while alive, (including women and very young children) are favored means of killing for them, but also popular in Africa to the Muslims is the practice of necklacing.  I first read about it in the mid 80s.  It’s the practice of filling a tire up with gasoline and then placing it upon their victim and then setting the tire on fire.  People can live up to 20 minutes before they die.  I read that the most recent murder in this manner committed by Muslims was as late as 2006 due to Muslims being upset over a cartoon. (This could only be justification for murder by torture to the completely insane mind.) To present to the public such a ludicrous and false presentation that the Muslims are a peaceful people, right off the bat, would cause the bulk to dismiss all the rest that the message bearer is trying to convey to the public.

Why some in the 911 truth movement, along with various patriot groups want to proclaim Muslims as peaceful people (please see if you can stomach the pictures ) to justify their position or somehow add credence to the fact that we have no business being over there, is just plain stupid and also shows the dishonesty of the message bearer.  There’s plenty of justification to show we shouldn’t be over there or have any business sending our troops over there in just the Constitution alone.  So many patriot groups along with patriot talk show hosts are just as guilty of doing exactly what those that they claim they are fighting against are doing… manipulating a historically ignorant public and censoring out the news that doesn’t fit in with their message.  Isn’t it all about TRUTH, or does truth matter to anyone?

The truth is, LONG before 911, and for as long as I’ve been alive, (over half a century), Muslim atrocities in their conquering of regions, has been well documented.   Their attacks against Christian regions has been well document for decades and since their inception.  Islam has a great deal in common with communism in that for their system to work, they must conquer all.  I agree completely with Devvy Kidd’s article, CHALLENGING SHARIA LAW MEANS CHALLENGING ISLAM AS A RELIGION”


Islam only masquerades as a religion when in fact it’s a system of political control of every iota of life for the people living under it.  Just because the Muslim system is evil, doesn’t justify our going over there and meddling in the affairs of another country.  There is no Constitutional authority and it’s comparable to going half way around the world to poke a stick in a hornet’s nest.  Why don’t so called patriot groups rest on this simple truth? The globalists use Muslim terrorists as a justification as to why we need to invade other countries, (among other goals to eliminate our freedom) when they don’t give a rip about the terrorists and have other financial motives.  On the reverse side of the coin, we’ve got patriot groups doing the same disinformation campaign and manipulation tactics on the public that proclaim those Muslims are poor victims and a peaceful people to justify as why we shouldn’t be over there.  Both sides, prey on the public and are using to their full advantage the general public’s ignorance of history  to manipulate people.  Manipulation and lies, (the ends justifies the means ideology) is wrong no matter how you look at it.  With regards to patriot groups trying to educate the public it does more harm in that it discredits all that we’re suppose to be about… TRUTH!



Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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@ Ed or Kim? 

First, who is anti-corporation? LOL

You busted me Ed...I'm a Mitt supporter and he supports me. Isn't it obvious by the picture I used for this article of Mitt with a dog on his head ridiculing him.

Does this mean the money I donated to you for your Ron Paul trip to Tampa came directly from Mitt? Maybe you should mail it to him....after all you want clean hands right? :)

Sounds like someone has got into your head ed. Be careful where you throw stones because they are probably not far from your house.

Your friend?

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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I think its funny as hell that money from the Romney Campaign is going to 4409. This is great! Bleed the beast. I'm sure there will be a lot of people who are watching 4409 who will see that ad and decide to vote for

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Uh, hey Mr. 'Anti-Corporation' - I went to watch your video and it seems that 4409 supports Mitt Romney for President via the AD-GENERATING compromise with google and youtube:

I tried to tell Adam Kokesh it was a bad idea.  He understood, and took the revenue-sharing off of his YouTube Channel.  That lasted less than a month, and now it's a 'non -issue', and the ads are back and money flows into his pocket.  Is that the way Jason Shelton is going to act?  Or will it just be '4409' that this is done under the name of...?


Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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Go Rocky Go.  There is an interesting website that insinuates that many of the passengers who allegedly died on 9/11 had been people who were already dead, were dying, needed a new face, protectlve custidy and relocation, that sort of thing. I never looked into it any further but the guy seemed to have some evidence. The women screaming that she had lost family members is a fine example of Americs's intellignence and fascist mentality. She couldn't just come over an get a video or discuss the issue, she had to use a logical fallacy screaming at the top of her lungs which makes me thing she is trying to cover something up. I've seen this mentality around government people so much you can almost sence it when your around it. Now there riding Harleys to make themselves look like true blooded Americans.         

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