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Elizabeth Johnson of Arizona Found "Not Guilty" of Kidnapping.

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(Expect Elizabeth Johnson to be released after 3 years in prison. Attorney Marc Victor convinced the jury that the prosecution over charged the case and that the charge of Kidnapping was impossible to impose due to elements of the case. Elizabeth Johnson was convicted of 'Custodial Interference')
Closing arguments given by Marc J. Victor in missing AZ baby case
10-17-2012  • 
Defense attorney Marc Victor told the jury during his closing arguments Tuesday that the case is not "about whether or not you like Elizabeth Johnson." (Also, link to live streaming of trial.) 
October 18th, 2012
06:58 PM ET
Mother of 'Baby Gabriel' found guilty of imprisonment, custodial interference

The mother of the infant known as "Baby Gabriel" an 8-month-old Arizona boy who disappeared in 2009 after authorities say she took him in a custody dispute was found guilty Thursday of unlawful imprisonment and custodial interference.