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The police report: Scottsdale cops arrest 4409 nine hours after posting this video

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Copy of police report (redactions apparently are free) - PDF
I find it downright ironic that Shelton was arrested for doing nothing illegal.  That his cell phone listed in the police report disappeared until Internal Affairs found it.  Presumably it recorded all of the above audio claimed by the arresting officer who turned Shelton over to the guy who broke Shelton's foot while in custody last time.  Oh, the irony.
Took the Scottsdale PIO four days to respond. But at least they provided us with the report.

 ARS 13-2904. Disorderly conduct; classification

A. A person commits disorderly conduct if, with intent to disturb the peace or quiet of a neighborhood, family or person, or with knowledge of doing so, such person:

1. Engages in fighting, violent or seriously disruptive behavior;

and is a class 1 misdemeanor so he faces 6 months in jail for exercising his freedom of speech by yelling fuck you to the hired man. This is ALWAYS what you are charged with in Arizona when the cops have nothing to charge you with but you hurt their feelings.
By the way the standard first time conviction of this made up crap is no jail and a fine that is well under $500.  So how does the judge justify a $3,500 bail bond under the AZ Constitution that he supposedly took an oath to uphold; you know the one that specifies fair bail AND states the sole purpose of the government that the judge represents is to safeguard individual Rights?  He doesn't have to justify it, he does it because he can.
Shelton is out on bail now.  But he intends on fighting the charge and suing the Scottsdale PD for the false arrest and violating his civil Rights.  That will cost money.  And since this disorderly conduct-fighting is what they charge you with when they have nothing to charge you with it is a civil Rights fight worth pursuing.
Judge sets bond at ridiculous amount of $3,500 for a simple misdemeanor in order to purposely relocate him to Sheriff Joe's 4th Avenue Jail.

Please donate to the bail fund if you can. No plea in this case and he will take it clear to the Arizona Supreme Court. Check the youtube channel or for further info

Case Number:CR-2012
Title: SHELTONCategory:Criminal
Filing Date:10/30/2012
Judge:NoneDisposition Date:
SHELTON    DEFENDANT  -  D 1 Date of Birth: 09/1972
Citation Count Description Disp. Date Disposition
C01879078 1 LOCAL CHARGE

Case Activity Date Description Party
10/30/2012 IN CUSTODY - HELD ON BOND D 1
10/30/2012 PRETRIAL SET
D 1

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Comment by Bill Brady
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Where can I send templates and special FOI requests along with other useful docs to your staff?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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A federal civil rights lawsuit filed now with subpenas would preserve these things:
1.  All video from the van.

2.  Any recording devices, video or audio from the van.

3.  Any video from the 3 police cars involved.

4.  Any audio, photography or video device recordings from the officers involved.

5.  Any video from the initial van manned by a cop who said Shelton did the same thing to him but apparently did not arise to the level of arrest, nor did he bother to leave the van to confront Shelton.  In fact, I believe the first van's officer retreated by pulling up stakes.  You'd think if Shelton was doing the same thing it would amount to serious disruptive behavior leading to an arrest---or was it protected first amendment activity?

6.  The video/audio from Shelton's cell phone.

7.  The internal affairs report on the handling of Shelton's complaint and recovery of the cell phone.

8.  Cell phone records from all 3 of the officers involved around that time, as well as the first officer when he said Shelton was at his van.

9.  911 tape (if any)

10.  Dispatch call tapes regarding the incident, as well as the incident at the first van (if any).

11. Metadata on each of the police report entries.

12.  Cell phone records from the occupant of the van where Shelton was arrested.

13.  If any claim is made that Shelton tried to enter the van at either location both vans should be impounded so the outside of the vans can be examined for the absence of fingerprints and Shelton's DNA.

Comment by Michele Power
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 BOGUS!!!  Lemme guess....the recording on the phone mysteriously disappeared.  Oh, and why would the scamera van operator exit his vehicle if he feared for his safety?  He was in a locked van!!!  If there's a person outside threatening your safety, you don't get out of the van an confront the call the cops (well, I wouldn't...but that's me).   

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Its always Interesting how the supplements the police file only contain their lies and the party they favor.

There is less bias reporting.on FoxNews and MSNBC and that is saying something :)

They can paint the arrest with curse words in order to demonize all they want but the truth will come out...their unlawful negligent Arrest = EPIC FAIL.


Comment by Michele Power
Entered on:

 You're my hero, 4409!  I'd like to see the complaint.  Could someone post it?  I have to read the allegations!!  That video was fantastic.  I also liked the new one from the 9/11 rally.  I have too many favorites, now.  Keep doing what you're doing!  Someone needs to make people think....and you do it so creatively.  "Suicide by cop"....ha ha ha  (scary thing is that it's true.)  :)   

Comment by Darryl W. Perry
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What was the charge?

Comment by Ed Price
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The banking industry loves cops like these. By the time they get done with Shelton, whether they find him guilty of something or not, it will have cost them $hundreds of thousands, or maybe $millions. This money, whether it comes through taxes or something else, will have to ultimately be borrowed, by Government, from the banks - the Fed. It will be a more or less legitimate loan to them, unlike over-extending credit card loans to non-Government, average people. This means that the banks will put some REALLY HARD LABOR into making some ledger entries, and when they get payed back, it will ultimately come from some hard work done by everyday, average people - some blood, sweat and tears. The banks love doing REALLY HARD LABOR like this. It helps them take over the world.

The only reason that this kind of thing helps the banks to take over is, there are far too few people doing the thing that Shelton is doing. If we had a couple thousand guys out there doing it like Shelton, we could collapse the banking system, and things would start to normalize, even though there would be a lot of turmoil following the collapse. Thanks, Shelton, for showing us how.

Comment by Mike Wasdin
Entered on:

Shelton as always you are my hero, lol.  I will contribute to the fund, it's always worth the price of admission (-;

Comment by Daniel Deming
Entered on:

Which judge was it? Names would be useful for voting "no" on their retention

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Seriously guys, not helpful.  Secondly if there is anyone more pacifist than Shelton I don't know who it is.  I seriously doubt he owns a gun.  And I am fairly certain he is way too smart to use it.

I am just hoping the arrest is as bogus as it has been in the past because Shelton is smart enough that the cops will either have to lie if they have no basis for the arrest or simply concede the baselessness of their charges.  Either way it means another lawsuit in his favorite place; federal court.  And once you get past their limited liability, depositions, disclosure and discovery are way more fun than violence.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
Entered on:

We clearly see who the real terrorists are... and they need to be served some real justice.

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