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'Nuff Said - The POTUS Elction

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Ernie, remember what I wrote on my Day 4 post from the RNC?

"And the retroactive rule changes you personally voted for in order to stop Ron Paul from participating in the convention and thereby alienating millions of voters, especially the young voters who have no relationship with the Republican Party except through Dr. Paul, could turn out to be the votes lost in key states that cost you the election."

As of now, 11:00pm , Romney losing these close states:
Ohio 0.6% down
Florida 0.7% down
Virginia 0.4% down
Colorado 2.4% down

Pick up some disenfranchised Ron Paul votes and Romney wins 275 to 263.

Wouldn't have made a bit of difference in the things that really travail America, but it is illustrative of the idiots that the Republican power brokers are.


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Comment by J E Andreasen (5194)
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Perhaps we are seeing the "sanction of the victim", however slowly, being withdrawn? The lesser of evils is still evil.