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The Third Reich vs. The US Government (Part 3 - Pyromania)

Written by Brett Veinotte Subject: Education: Government Schools
Part 2 of 3 in an expansion of the School Sucks: The American Way You Tube Video.

The American way...
What is this way? Where does it come from? And where does it lead?

In this show: Power, Obedience and Collectivism

-The Milgram Experiment
-Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment
-Immanuel Kant
-The Threat of Losing Control
-Carl Von Clausewitz and Total War
-Fabian Socialism and Gradualism

Look Closer:

Kant made simple

What is the Hegelian Dialectic?

Objectivism, Hitler, and Kant, by David Gordon

How The Nazis Usurped the History of The Teutonic Order

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Stanley Millgram: Obedience to Authority

Philip Zimbardo: Why ordinary people do evil ... or do good

Hitler's War Against the Jews: A Young Reader's Version of The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945, by Lucy S. Dawidowicz

John Gatto Prussian Education

The Lucifer Effect, by Phillip Zimbardo


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