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4409 -- Phoenix Pirates now using K9's as warrants to randomly search houses

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K9's are the biggest scam ever used by police to circumvent the 4th amendment. 
The pirates are now in "training" on how to use dogs as a cover to randomly invade houses and enter their property without a lawful warrant.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Until it happens to me, I probably won't get excited enough to do anything.

Police do not act randomly on their own. Not generally, anyway. They have chains of command. Their orders come from up above.

The mayor and the city council tell the police chief to get some kind of a basic job done. The mayor may be on orders (Constitutionally correct or not) from Obama - maybe even directly from Obama. The police chief figures out a method to use to get the job done. He issues orders.

The only way to stop this kind of activity is to do it the way that it has always been done. Like 4409 we ALL need to advertise what is going on. Then we need to talk to our governing officials - mayor, city council, police commissioner, police chiefs of the various departments, all those who are in authority and issue the orders.

We, also, need to become active in the local governing process. Somebody else will do it, but if they don't, WE need to do it. This is the only way to force Government back under the Constitution.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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U.S. Government Intends to Kill the Fourth Amendment

Corrupt Police are alleged to train drug sniff dogs to give false drug alerts on cue—so police can circumvent the Fourth Amendment to search vehicles and other property. Police may be motivated to circumvent the Fourth Amendment to Forfeit Property.

Corrupt Police that train dogs to give false drug alerts to search property, might plant evidence supposedly discovered by their drug-dog to make arrests and seize property. Imagine if police whose compensation increasingly is dependent on asset forfeiture could enter Citizens' homes without evidence of wrongdoing based only on a drug dog's alert. The US Supreme Court has decided to review Florida v. Jardines, a case that concerns if a dog sniff at the front door of a home (is a search) that requires probable cause.

Is this where America is Headed? The developing U.S. Police Surveillance State intends to completely thrash the Fourth Amendment, not require warrants to hide surveillance cameras and listening devices on private property; when searching Americans’ electronic transactions, phone calls and mail—when spying on Citizens’ activities. Congress and Federal Courts have so weakened the Fourth Amendment e.g. using the USA Patriot Act that Government and law enforcement (without probable cause) search Citizens’ homes and confidential information (in hopes of finding evidence) to prosecute Americans in criminal, Civil and Asset Forfeiture Proceedings.

With the coming U.S. Police Surveillance State expect higher unemployment, the economy to stagnate and huge increases in federal taxes to support the Surveillance State. Historically once Citizens fear a Government Surveillance Police State they don’t risk investing—in homes, income producing property or businesses a police state government can confiscate (without due process). For example: U.S. Government can use the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 to charge defendants without providing evidence that all of a Citizen’s assets are subject to civil government forfeiture under the USA Patriot Act—claim a Citizen supported an undefined terrorist act or hostilities; charge without providing evidence that a Citizen’s associate, tenant, visitor or employee committed a crime or violation that made their real property, business and or other assets subject to government forfeiture.

In a Police Surveillance State, government employees are usually paid higher salaries and more benefits compared to working citizens spied on by Government.

Expect individuals and businesses that support or are connected to the developing U.S. Government Police State will more easily secure government employment and business contracts while most other Americans will be shut out. That happened in Nazi Germany after Hitler started enforcing laws similar to The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that Pres. Obama signed among others. Some U.S. corporations and their operatives work so closely with U.S. Government and law enforcement to spy on, arrest Americans and forfeit their property, they appear to have merged with U.S. Government—similar to Hitler’s SS and (private secret police) Gestapo that merged its police and spy activities with the Reich Government to target German Citizens for arrest and property forfeiture that opposed the Nazi Government.

Should a Total U.S. Government Police Surveillance State take over America, expect most tangible assets owned by Americans will depreciate, become difficult to sell. Once large numbers of Americans fear a U.S. Police State, most consumers will buy only products absolutely necessary. Expect corporations and individuals protected by a U.S. Police State, that don’t have to fear U.S. Government or police confiscating their property, will profit buying up Americans’’ distressed real and personal property; including property confiscated by U.S. Government. That happened in Nazi Germany.

Expect Americans will be afraid to involve themselves with grass-roots causes. Under NDAA, U.S. Government or the President can charge any activity, statement, communication supported or (was directly-aligned) with an individual or group that government deemed a threat to National Security to order someone’s arrest; including journalists.

It appears problematic at some point, Americans won’t be allowed employment or the right to operate a business unless approved by Homeland Security; and Homeland will prohibit without explanation Americans using pubic and private transportation without Government approval.


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