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2012 Arizona Activist Patriot Roast & Fundraiser

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NOTE::::: If you wish to pay at the door please call 480. 788. 44O9 and leave your name on the message and we will put you on the list....its that easy :)
Otherwise you can get the tickets below.

If you cannot afford the roast but want to go please call ASAP to see if we can work something out.

2012 Arizona Activists
Patriot Roast and Fundraiser

Come out and have a blast on Saturday December 15th 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm while we celebrate the work of Arizona's Activists and raise funds for Activists to defend against bogus charges from the state.
Roast your favorite activist, enjoy good food, games and prizes plus a hilarious presentation of your favorite 4409 videos.
We will be nominating and presenting an award to the most inspiring Activist of the Year!

Here is a list of some of the Nominees for 2012:
Alma Sommer -- For her work starting the Jackalope Freedom Festival in Arizona
Ed Valello -- For his work spreading Ron Paul's message as a PC to Tampa.
Drew Phillips -- For his work with BitCoins and The Silver Dime-card project
Ross Edwards -- For his work with the Moneylith and The Silver Dime-Card Project.
Nick Barnett -- For his development of liberty oriented phone apps for use on SmartPhones
Donna Hancock -- For her work producing the Declare your Independence show and The FreedomsPhoenix E-zine.
Powell Gammill -- For his work sticking it to the man in the house congressional debate by telling people not to vote :)
Ernest Hancock -- No explanation needed :)
Charles Goyette -- For his book "Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America's Free Economy"
Dr.Phranq Tamburri -- For his work waking up neo-cons in the Republican party to Ron Paul and free market principles.
Mike Ford -- For his work on the Phoenix 411 rapid message distribution network.
John Stuart -- For his work on exposing banker mortgage fraud and helping people defend against faulty unlawful foreclosures
Mark Stevens -- For his work on the No State Project
Terry Bressi -- for his work in exposing the unconstitutional inland Checkpoints.
Steven Anderson -- for his work in exposing the unconstitutional inland Checkpoints.

There are many, many, many, more...please list a nominee and their work in the comment section   
Special Guests:
Marc J. Victor, Ernest Hancock, more to come!
There is limited seating so tickets MUST be purchased in advance and presented at the door!
Click below for full details and ticket info!


If you have problems purchasing tickets please call 602-464-4957
or Email
Saturday, December 15, 2012 
6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

Filiberto’s Bar and Mexican Restaurant
7111 E. Thomas Road
Scottsdale, AZ
(south side just west of Scottsdale Road)

$30 Includes your choice of any meal and beverage off the menu*
and your very own “Best of 4409 DVD”
$50 gets you all of the above plus a stylish 4409 T-shirt*
* Small, Medium, Large, XL only

$75 gets you all of the above, plus a limited edition 4409 Santa hat
 $100 gets you all of the above plus a special place in Heaven   
*Food served off the regular menu and includes a regular beverage      (alcoholic beverages and tip not included)

WARNING: Be there or you may be roasted without your know who you are :)


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Comment by Renee Evans
Entered on:

My vote is for John Stuart ... his "oh so fine" disposition and kindness in helping us idiots with our mortgages ... has made him "The Man of the Year" ... He tells it like it is! ... Wish I could be there .. maybe someday .. God Bless you all .. have fun!

Comment by daniel hagos
Entered on:

 I nominate John Stuart for his tireless effort and dedication in helping educate people facing foreclosure.       

Comment by Ernest Hancock
Entered on:

Now if all of John's supporters will buy a ticket and attend he'd do well :)

Comment by Marylou Sanchez
Entered on:

I nominate John C. Stuart for his tireless and selfless work in helping everyone and anyone dealing with the corrupt government.  John teaches the true law to anyone who has the will to learn. Definitely a darn good teacher.  Good job John.

Comment by J. Henry McCulley
Entered on:

It's not even close, I nominate John Stuart from Phoenix, Az.  He has worked tirelessly for thousands of hours helping people save their homes from foreclosure by the Banking Industry that is trying to steal all the homes they can.  They make money over and over on the mortgages and want to throw you out so that they can make more by foreclosing.  Keep up the fight John, there are a lot of people that learn from you even if some o them don't show it.


Comment by Greg Nemitz
Entered on:

I nominate John Stuart for his work helping countless people trying to save their homes.

Comment by Felipe Bollas
Entered on:

I would like to nominate John Stuart. He spent endless hours to d to educate us to fright for our right during the foreclosure process. Because of him, I feel a lot better since I am equipped to fright and also to delay the progress.

Comment by Mike Wasdin
Entered on:

Of course Marc Victor needs to be nominated, but I think Jason Shelton does as well...he is as hardcore as they come (-;

Comment by Angel Rz
Entered on:


I would like to nominate John Stuart. He has spent endless hours educating many about the truth of our corrupt systems that are destroying our country. Quite frankly, he has opened my eyes to many things that most are oblivious about. Some of the info and knowledge is priceless and would take years for the average person to know and understand. He willingly teaches and wants to educate anyone willing to learn. Many have used his teachings To beat the banks and other corrupt systems against their unlawful practices. So for that, I think John is the perfect candidate for this! And deserves it!
Comment by david perry
Entered on:

 John Stuart A good man Modern day John Scotus,Job,Wyatt Earp

Comment by Sally Vollenweider
Entered on:

I nominate John Stuart... He can take a good roast! He's The Man of The Decade as far as I am concerned!

Comment by Dawn Smileygirl
Entered on:

I would love to nominate John Stuart..................he may be rude and crude but he sure helps us when we need help with understanding how to do battle to keep our homes.....

Comment by Asher Robertson
Entered on:
I would like to nominate John Stuart. John spends all day everyday helping people across the country saving their homes for free and lives off of small donations. John will help anybody who is willing to learn and he doesn't require you to pay him and he puts no limit on the time he will spend with you until you finally understand what he is trying to teach you. Despite John being unlawfully charged with a crime that he did not commit due to corrupt government officials and spending countless hours defending himself against tyranny for all of us, he still makes time to help the American people. John Stuart is a true American Hero and the world is a better place because he is here!


Comment by shamsi ottun
Entered on:

I nomiate John Stuart.He is an Educator and  a Good man.


Comment by dbv mesquite
Entered on:

Regarding my nomination for John Stuart, I meant to better say: "We the sheeple who are hearkening unto his relentless ADMONITIONS love him"! Synonyms of admonition: advice ("not legal & for entertainment purposes only" hehehe), advisement, advocacy, aid, bum steer, CAUTION, charge, consultation, counsel, directions, dissuasion, encouragement, exhortation, forewarning, guidance, help, information, injunction, input, INSTRUCTION, judgment, LESSON, news, opinion, persuasion, prescription, proposal, proposition, recommendation, steer, suggestion, TEACHING, telltale, tidings, tip, tip-off, two cents' worth, view, WARNING, word, word to the wise  

Comment by dbv mesquite
Entered on:

Stuff John C. Stuart like a pig an' roast him fur all his @ss kickin'! We the sheeple who are hearkening unto his relentless admonishments love him!

Comment by Patrick Fishell
Entered on:

I nominate John Stuart for his work at being John Stuart, doing what John Stuart does, and saying what John Stuart says. I nominate him for his self chosen mission to educate, those who are open to it and those who know not that they are open to it, the truth as he sees it. I nominate him for his tireless work in the home foreclosure arena to teach those who have been violated learn how to fight back against the inherently corrupt legal system that allows it to happen. See:  and

Comment by JM Mc
Entered on:

I nominate John C. Stuart. His website is


This man is a saint. He tirelessly works to help all those in need save their homes from fraudulent foreclosures.


Truly the hardest working man I know, both in Arizona and entire US.



Comment by Private Nobody
Entered on:

I also agree - John C. Stuart for his diligent fight to help save people's homes as I do and his Quiet Title procedure is one of the best out there; it beats the pants off what most lawyers offer!

Comment by Michele Power
Entered on:

I nominate Shelton - 4409 - His videos are fantastic!!

Comment by Kari Wiio
Entered on:


I would also like to nominate John Stuart, (not of the TV fame, aka Daily Show), although he has contributed to Movie Productions which have aimed towards activist patriotism. John, who despite his own challenges has been teaching the common people the law, teaching people how to recognize ideas that others purport as "remedies" to their legal problems which are false and may lead them into more trouble. John is "TEACHER" and by doing so allows people to learn and spread the truth in law. John also is a truly colorful character and roasting him would be very apropos, he, his students, and your attendees would not only love it but roasting John would definitely prove to be a very Great contribution to your Patriotic Roast! Kudos to all that have organized this Roast and Fundraiser!
Comment by Elena Margaritis
Entered on:

I nominate activist John C. Stuart. Creator of For over 30 years he has relentlessly been informing people about the truth. Although he is not an attorney, he has worked with attorneys doing legal research for over 20 years. In furtherance of his dedication in spreading the truth world wide, he has assisted in making 2 movies; AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM and BAILOUT: THE DUKES OF MORAL HAZARD. For the last few years he has used his knowledge and experience to teach people how to fight and beat the banks in court as a means to stop fraudulent foreclosures. He recently created the Quiet Title Workbook. A compilation of his teachings, discoveries, letters, pleadings, motions and other information that will help people in their fight against the corruption that is destroying the very fabric of our nation. He continues to fight for those of us that are wiling to stand up against our corrupt government, bankers, lawyers, judges, police and ALL the bullies of this world. He is a champion for all innocent people, yet he gets very little recognition or rewards for all of his good works. For these reasons and more I think he would make an excellent candidate for the roast.

Comment by KS Johnson
Entered on:

I nominate John C. Stuart he is a selfless man who put his life on the line to help save others. Mo mater what your color, sex or creed, he shares his knowledge freely helping all of us understand our mortgages and how to recognize and fight unlawful foreclosures.

Comment by glenn Bever
Entered on:

I recommend John Stuart.  He teaches & helps the people with their fight against the Govt. Corp., bar lawyers and banks by instructing how to protect their property that is being taken currently by the legal thieves...  

Comment by Lg Engle
Entered on:

I nominate John Stuart, a champion legal researcher for the fight against foreclosure fraud.   

Comment by Nick Fichter
Entered on:

I nominate John Stuart, the man from Arizona helping those across the country for basically nothing in return. 

Comment by Daniel Bayerdorffer
Entered on:

I nominate John C Stuart for his hard work helping people with mortgage fraud at

Comment by Steve Sinacola
Entered on:

I nominate John C. Stuart because he shares his knowledge freely helping folks understand their mortgages and how to fight unlawful foreclosure.

Comment by Kevin Richards
Entered on:

I nominate John Stuart who lives in Arizona. He helps numerous people from all over the country defend against faulty foreclosures among many other things. He is also facing a very serious charge in the courts of Arizona which looks to be full of corruption,

Comment by Jerzy Girl
Entered on:

I would like to nominate John Stuart for all of his hard work teaching people how to live independent of the system and how fight foreclosures.

Comment by Jerry Carleo
Entered on:

The only thing we have actually paid for is our home - everything else we are simply acting as a Transfer Agent for the FED whose private money we are forced to use to conduct commerce -- one guy is staring down the Goliath (bankers) and teaching us how to wake up out of our slumber to save our homes from unlawful foreclosure - that man is John C. Stuart from Phoenix..

Comment by Jonathon Toscano
Entered on:

 I also agree! - John C. Stuart for his constant fight to save our butts due to the widespread mortgage fraud and pioneering and refinement of his Quiet Title procedure which WORKS!

Comment by Alex Hamilton
Entered on:

JOHN CHESTER STUART for singlehandedly defining and enlightening the masses on the basis of the mortgage fraud AND THE REMEDY through his Quiet Title process.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Michael Kielsky, Photoradar tickets




Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Mark Stevens, No State Project

Terry Bressi, Border Checkpoints

Steven Anderson, Border Checkpoints

Certain people who may not wish me to drop their names, Mortgage Fraud

The Ron Paul PCs, for demonstrating our liberties will not be restored either by voting or working through the system since both are designed to remove our liberties and are working quite well.

Jeanne, Have Sign, Will Wave

Comment by Keith Cyrnek
Entered on:

Point of clarification, does the $100 and special place in heaven include 40 virgins? Just for clarification.

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