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Help Support with bitcoin Banner ads

Written by Subject: Wallet Voting
About this time last week I helped get set up to take Bitcoin donations on the website. The out poring of support was tremendous and I would like to personally thank the bitcoin community for showing that Bitcoin is the future of money and that it can be really easy to use this new digital cash. Since this time last week has raised over $800 in Bitcoin donations and can use the funds to keep working on one of the most pressing issues of the day, War. is moving as fast as possible to make bitcoin donations a permanent part of the website and has been putting a bit of coin to work in the bitcoin economy by paying DTOM graphic Designer Davi Barker to create some banner ads and place them on various bitcoin advertising platforms.

Antiwar now understands the real value of bitcoin and is quickly learning what the currency can do to end empire and promote liberty and peace. There are many reason why bitcoin is the currency of peace but this quote from a supporter sums it up best.

“Governments fund their wars via inflation. If most of the world used Bitcoin,  this would be impossible.” Anonymous donor.

 If you would like to download the banner ads and use them on your own site, Please do!