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The Bill of Right Ceremony Today in Phoenix, Arizona

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Ret. Az State Senator Karen Johnson - Chris Bliss at Podium ( - Kyrsten Senima (CD#9 U.S. Rep Elect) - Greg Stanton (Mayor of Phoenix)
(Publisher's Note: Chris did a great job seeing this project through from start to finish and kept the tone of the event on point for everyone of all philosophical positions to enjoy the first in the nation event (The first monument to the Bill of Rights in the entire United States of America - Amazing isn't it?) Karen Johnson didn't speak but unveiled the monument to the 2nd Amendment. Kyrsten was very respectful of all and didn't politicize the event with her very encouraging words. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton's comments will be debated heavily in the days/years to come... just couldn't help himself. But for the comments of Phoenix' Mayor the event was excellent)

Ret Az Senator (R) Karen Johnson presents the 2nd Amendment Monument of the 10 presented in order.

Ernest Hancock - Chris Bliss - Barry Hess

Barry Hess - Karen Johnson - Ernest Hancock